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  • 6000-C
  • 6000-C
    SikaBiresin CR910 10kg Pail
  • $616.88
  • 6045-C
  • 6045-C
    SikaBiresin CH910 Fast Hardener - 2kg Can
  • $202.50
  • 6180-C
  • 6180-C
    SikaBiresin CH910 Slow Hardener - 2kg Can
  • $240.00
  • 6001-A
  • 6001-A
    SikaBiresin Mix Pack Bag
  • $55.00


SikaBiresin CR910 | Fast Cure Wind Blade Repair

SikaBiresin® CR910 is a high Tg composite resin system for wet lay-up processing. It is used where fast curing products for repair of wind blades are requested. SikaBiresin® CR910 is designed for repair of damaged laminate structures of rotor blades. It is optimized for hand lay-up but can also be used for repair of patches by vacuum infusion. This product is suitable for experienced professional users only. Tests with actual substrates and conditions must be performed ensuring adhesion and material compatibility.

A standard hardener (6180-C) or fast hardener (6045-C) can be used depending on the desired pot life and are sold separately.

The Sika Biresin mix pack contains pre-measured quantities of epoxy resin and hardener, sealed in pouches, ready for mixing. It contains no solvents or fillers and is primarily intended for hand lamination of composite parts. Simply remove the divider strip, mix resin and hardener together, and use. The convenient packaging eliminates the need for messy measuring and mixing supplies and ensures accurate ratios of resin-to-hardener every time.


  • Good impregnation and non-draining properties
  • High glass transition temperature
  • High stiffness and strength
  • Direct curing without waiting gel-time
  • Usable for hand layup in production and field repair
  • Resistant to crystallization at low temperature

Available in pails and mix pack bags.

warning "California Proposition 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to Styrene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to"


The CH910-2 (6180-C) and the CH910-1 (6045-C) hardeners and the mix pack bag (6001-A) are considered hazardous and will incur hazard charges when shipped ground or air. The SikaBiresin sold in the pail (6000-C) will ship standard ground with no additional hazard charges but will incur Air Hazard charges. For additional hazard information please see our hazard shipping chart.


The SikaBiresin CR910 is sold in 5 gallon pails and in 300g pouches. The hardeners CR910-1 (6045-C) and CR910-2 (6180-C) are sold in gallon cans.

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