Red LDPE Infusion Flow Media

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  • 1405
  • 1405
    Red Ldpe Infusion Flow Media, 60 Wide - 60 Red, Yard

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  • $10.95
  • min. 10
  • 1405-A
  • 1405-A
    1 yd Roll
  • $13.95
  • 1405-B
  • 1405-B
    3 yd Roll
  • $38.85
  • 1405-C
  • 1405-C
    5 yd Roll
  • $59.75
  • 1405-F
  • 1405-F
    Full Roll (117 yds)
  • $999.95


Control Resin Flow for Smaller Infusion Projects

Red LDPE Infusion Flow Media is designed to assist flow through your part during the infusion or VARTM process. This flow media is designed to facilitate a controlled, predictable flow of resin for smaller resin infusion projects up to 50 square feet. It can be used for larger projects if multiple resin ports are installed on a single part. Use it at the surface, or as a separation layer between layers of reinforcement within your composite.

  • Compatible with epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester resins
  • Use with temperatures up to 150°F
  • Conformable and easy to handle for positioning within vacuum bag; doesn't roll up or fray when cut

Red LDPE mesh fabric is 60" wide.


Core Material LDPE
Thickness 0.04"
Color Red
Max Temp 150°F


Rolled materials ship in a long (45", 53", or 62") box.


Red LDPE Infusion Flow Media Red LDPE Infusion Flow Media is available in prepackaged lengths that include: One yard roll (#1405-A) One 3 yard roll (#1405-B) One 5 yard roll (#1405-C) One 10 yard roll (#1405-D) One 20 yard roll (#1405-E, roll) A full role is also available at a total length of 117 yards (#1405-F).

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