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1 lb. Can
Case (6, 1 lb. Cans)
Non-Silicone High Temp Paste Wax

Mold Release for High Working Temps

This High Temp Paste Wax is specifically designed to release epoxy and polyester—for application temperatures ranging from 75° to 375°. Fabricators can apply this wax to polyester, epoxy, steel, and aluminum molds with assurance of no silicone contamination.

Special preparation is required when using on a new mold:

  • Apply a minimum of three layers of Non-Silicone High Temp Paste Wax, each four to six hours apart.
  • Select an area of four square feet, and rub on the creamy wax with a clean terry cloth. Before it dries, use a separate cloth to break the surface film.
  • After waxing, buff the entire surface until the wax is clear.
The 1 lb. can (#4121-A), when ordered alone, will typically ship in a small box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped. The case unit (#4121-B) will typically ship in a large box.
Non-Silicone High Temp Paste Wax This item is sold in two sizes: One 1 lb. can (#4121-A) One case, a six-count of 1 lb. cans (#4121-B)