Heat Blankets

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  • 3823-A
  • 3823-A
    Heat blanket with loops (2000mmX500mm)
  • $1,233.55
  • 3824-A
  • 3824-A
    Heat blanket with loops (1000mmX500mm)
  • $1,045.57
  • 3825-A
  • 3825-A
    Heat blanket with loops (1000mmX1000mm)
  • $1,095.79
  • 3826-A
  • 3826-A
    Heat blanket with loops (2000mmX1000mm)
  • $1,507.28
  • 3827-A
  • 3827-A
    Sika Biresin Drum Heater
  • $1,113.28


Heat Blankets

Kuhlmann heat blankets provide precise temperature control to ensure the composite cures evenly and correctly, achieving the desired properties. They reduce curing time compared to ambient curing methods, increasing production efficiency and throughput. They are more economical than large-scale curing ovens or autoclaves, especially for small to medium-sized parts or repair applications.

Industries that use heat blankets include Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Wind Energy, and Sports Equipment.


  • 7mm insulation for minimal heat loss
  • Teflon heating wire
  • Safety thermostat
  • Straps for fixed installation
  • Velcro to attach together for larger surfaces
  • Other sizes available for special order


Blankets ship in a large box and will be combined as able to save on shipping.


Kulhmann heat blankets come in 5 different sizes

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