Bergolin UV Resin - 2 Gallon

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  • Bergolin UV Resin - 2 Gallon
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BergoLED UV Resin

BergoLED Speed-Resin is a quick curing UV resin that can be used for lamination and infusion. It is suitable for the rapid repair of deeper structural damage in the substrate.

  • Suitable for GRP, CFRP, steel, aluminum, plastic, concrete or wood.
  • Very high UV stability immediately after curing.
  • No temperature limitations in terms of ambient temperature or relative humidity.
  • Goes on Red and cures clear.
  • Recommend a UV lamp like our 835-a UV LED Light kit for a stable cure but can be cured in direct sunlight.
  • Should be cured under a clear peel ply like our 1790-C for a tack-free cure.


The 1L can will ship via standard ground or expedited without hazard charges


The BergoLED resin comes in 1L cans.

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