Vacuum Bagging Materials Sample Pack

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  • Vacuum Bagging Materials Sample Pack
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A Sample of Consumables, Start to Finish

This convenient Sample Pack contains a 4" x 6" swatch of all of our vacuum bagging materials. It is ideal for determining which material you would like to try for your application. Plus, each Sample pack includes a coupon for $25 off your next order of $100 or more when purchased within 60 days!

Contains samples of:

Bagging Films

#1678 & #1778 Stretchlon® 200 Bagging Film

#1688 & #1788 Stretchlon® 800 Bagging Film

#1783 & #1785 Nylon Bagging Film, Below 300F

#1786 Nylon Bagging Film, Above 300F

#577 Polyethylene Bagging Film, 24" Wide Tube

Peel Ply and Release Film

#1580 Low Temperature Release Film

#1787 & #1782 High Temperature Release Film

#582 Nylon Release Peel Ply

#583 Polyester Release Peel Ply

#1582 Econostitch® Peel Ply

Bleeder and Breather

#579 4 oz Breather and Bleeder

#1779 7 oz Breather and Bleeder

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Vacuum Bagging Materials Sample Pack This sample pack is sold by the unit.

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