Ultrasonic Leak Detector

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  • Ultrasonic Leak Detector
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Pinpoint Leaks During Vacuum Bagging

The Ultrasonic Leak Detector converts ultrasound signals produced during the vacuum bagging process into easily recognizable audible sounds. This ensures that your finished part remains under vacuum for the entirety of its cure cycle. The loss of vacuum pressure during cure can cause the surface of your laminate to become porous, which decreases your finished part's physical and cosmetic properties. This unit includes a transmitter that generates a 40 kHz signal, headphones for use in loud environments, and a soft carrying case.


  • Locates leaks generated by pressure, vacuum, water, gas or air
  • Earphone jack for loud environments (earphones included)
  • User adjustable sensitivity wheel
  • Ultrasonic Transmitter generates a 40 kHz signal


Frequency Response 40 kHz +/- 2kHz
Alarm Audible (ticking), Visual (LED)
Power Supply 2 x 9V Batteries
Operating Temperature 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
Storage Temperature -4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C)



1 Year Manufacturer Defect Warranty

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The Ultrasonic Leak Detector is sold by the unit.


4 star rating

reasonable priced, easy to use, finds leaks

Jun 1, 2023  |  By Larry McColloch

I have only used it once, but it did easily find a leak of 10's hPa and provided me with feedback to learn where I get such leaks.
I'm not sure if it can find leaks of 1's hPa

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