Two Strap Dust and Mist Mask (Box of 20)

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  • Two Strap Dust and Mist Mask (Box of 20)
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A Simple Measure for Safety

Protect against respiratory irritation and potential health issues with this simple safety device. Particles from sanding, grinding and cutting composite materials can be irritating and dangerous. Keep these particles out of your airways with our electrostatically charged fine dust mask. It protects against coal, cadmium, lead, cotton, and even silica. The comfortable design provides low breathing resistance for long periods of uninterrupted use.

Double-shell construction resists collapse and will withstand humid conditions for extended life and potential re-use. Head straps are made from durable, latex-free polymer.


These gloves will typically ship in a small box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped.


Two Strap Dust and Mist Mask (Box of 20) This Mask is sold by the unit (one box of 20).

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