Sparkling Silver Glitterflake

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Catch the Light with Silver Flake

Glitterflake is commonly used to repair damaged bass boats or to make any project stand out from the crowd. Flakes are 0.015" metallized polyester and are recommended for use with our #180 Gel Coat—a clear marine gel coat with excellent weathering properties and a high gloss suited to enhance the metallic glitter.

Glitterflake should be mixed thoroughly with clear gel coat no more than one hour before it is to be applied. It is generally added at 10% by weight, but may be increased up to 20%. Adding more than 20% can cause curing problems including a distortion or ripple in the surface.

Get best results with Glitterflake by using it as one of three standard layers in lamination. For finished parts, these include:

  • A layer of pigmented gel coat at its base, used to conceal layers of reinforcement below.
  • The layer of Glitterflake blended with clear gel coat.
  • Ultimately, a protective layer of clear gel coat at the part's surface to optimize the metallic appearance of the flakes.

(Keep in mind that the sequence of applying these layers will change based on application. For boat repair and use with a plug, layers are added in the order as noted above. When using Glitterflake in a mold, the order is opposite: first, add the clear gel coat. Follow with Glitterflake layer, pigmented gel coat, and all subsequent reinforcement).

Check out other Fibre Glast colors in this category: Blue (#881), Red (#882), and Gold (#883).

Visit our Learning Center and read the article, Using Glitterflake , for more information.


Glitterflake, when ordered alone, will typically ship in a small or medium box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped.


Sparkling Silver Glitterflake Glitterflake is very light and is available by weight in various containers: 4 ounces (#879-A, 1/2 pint container) 1 lb. (#879-B, quart container) 4 lb. (#879-C, gallon container) 10 lb. (#879-D, boxed)

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