Meguiar's Machine Glaze

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  • Meguiar's Machine Glaze
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For Dramatic Surface Shine and Conditioning

The ultimate machine-applied shine. Meguiar's Machine Glaze lets you achieve a deep, rich gloss unmatched by any other polish, glaze, wax or sealant. Rich nutrients penetrate and revitalize all paint finishes, as well as fiberglass and plastic. Buffing residue wipes off easily to reveal the original brilliance and clarity of your finish.

After surface polishing, apply this Machine Glaze to eliminate fine swirl marks and achieve remarkable shine. For best results, use a rotary buffer at approximately 2500 rpm, along with our #1104-A polishing pads. Machine Glaze is specially formulated to condition the surface with a wax-like petroleum product which deepens the effects of release wax applied afterward.

Meguiar's Machine Glaze contains no silicones, so it's safe and effective for use on all mold and paint finishes, including clear coats.


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