KEVLAR® Plain Weave Fabric

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  • 2469
    50" Wide - Cut to length by yard

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Great for Lightweight Parts that Take a Beating

This KEVLAR® 49 fabric is ideal for impact-resistant applications that call for excellent specific tensile strength and minimum weight. KEVLAR® in plain weave form is the most popular KEVLAR® in composites. Although it is slightly stiff for highly contoured molds, it offers uniform properties, maximum stability, and simple surfacing characteristics.

Its good stiffness, light weight, and high abrasion resistance make it a great selection for applications that include kayaks, canoes, high-speed boats, aircraft fuselage panels, pressure vessels, sporting equipment, wind turbines, and much more. Generally, though, KEVLAR® is not suited for applications that call for compressive strength.


  • Genuine KEVLAR 49 aramid fabric designed for durable composite parts
  • Common applications for KEVLAR 49 fabrics include: kayaks, canoes, high-speed boats, aircraft fuselage panels, pressure vessels, sporting equipment, wind turbines and much more.
  • They can be used with epoxy, vinyl ester, or polyester resins to create a rigid laminate.
  • 50" width is ideal for most layups
  • KEVLAR® Fabric is made with genuine DuPont™ KEVLAR® fiber. DuPont™ and KEVLAR® are registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company and are used with permission.


  • The plain weave is meant to be used with a resin system, like our System 2000 Epoxy.
  • Once cut, twill fabrics are prone to unraveling due to the looser weave. Prior to cutting, be sure to use our #1735-A Perfect Line Tape, or Dritz Fray Check, #1713-A.
  • KEVLAR® is difficult to cut, sand, and machine. Consider a dedicated pair of serrated scissors, like our #2731-A.
  • Our KEVLAR® is not meant to be sewn.
  • Unused KEVLAR® should be stored away from UV light. It will degrade in UV light.
  • Cutting composite grade KEVLAR® can be a headache! Serrated Scissors are designed to make precise, clean cuts for even the toughest fabrics. Unique design features a serrated lower blade that holds fabric in place, while a smooth upper blade makes the cut.


Material 1140 denier Kevlar 49
Weave Plain Weave
Warps/Picks 17 per inch
Thickness 0.011"
Color Yellow
Fabric Weight 5.3 oz/sq yd


Fibre Glast is committed to ensuring that every roll of fabric we handle is First Quality and manufactured to the highest standards, so that you can expect the same properties and handling characteristics every time you order.

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Rolled fabrics ship in a long (45", 53", or 62") box. Click below on the "What to expect when you order Fabric" video to see how rolled fabrics are cut and shipped each time you order.


Kevlar® Plain Weave Fabric This fabric is sold by the linear yard, either as a prepackaged quantity or by continuous yardage. Prepacks This fabric is available in pre-cut lengths that measure one yard (#2469-A, roll), three yards (#2469-B, roll), and five yards (#2469-C, roll). Each is packaged and sold separately. For your convenience, these "prepacks" can be purchased in any combination. However, if the length for any one fabric totals 10 yards or more, we suggest you purchase it in continuous, "cut to length" yardage. Continuous, "Cut to Length" Yardage If you know in advance that you intend to purchase 10 yards or more of any one fabric, it should be ordered in continuous, "cut to length" yardage. In this case, fabric will be cut once according to the total yardage ordered, and customers receive a price-per-yard discount as compared to prepacks. Quantity discounts continue to deepen as the yardage increases for any one cut of one fabric.


5 star rating


Nov 7, 2015  |  By Jim H

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