Gun Roving

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  • 526-A
  • 526-A
    50 lb Roll
  • $194.95
  • 526-B
  • 526-B
    Case (4 Rolls)
  • $659.95
  • 526-C
  • 526-C
    Skid (12 Rolls)
  • $1,849.95
  • 526-SWATCH
  • 526-SWATCH
  • $3.25


Available in 50-Pound Rolls

This versatile roving chops cleanly and wets rapidly and completely. It demonstrates good laminate properties and wet strength retention. It is an excellent choice for mold and radii conformance, rolls out easily, and can be used in many different chopper guns and transfer systems. Gun roving is designed for use with resins systems to create high-strength, low-weight composites.

  • Feed through our #1171-A Air Chopper Gun and use in spray up systems, either filled and unfilled.
  • Add directional reinforcement to other structures.
  • Use with a filament winder to create tubes, filament winding, fillets, and spar wing reinforcement.
  • It is typically used with polyester or vinyl ester resin.
  • Yields approximately 205 yards per pound.


Gun Roving will typically ship in a medium box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped.


Gun Roving Gun Roving is available in a variety of sizes that include: One 50 lb. roll (#526-A) One case of four rolls (#526-B) One skid of 12 rolls (#526-C)

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