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3.5 star rating

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Efficient & Affordable: Unique Gel Coat Spray Gun

You no longer have to invest in high-cost catalyst injector systems to produce high-quality parts. This unique Gel Coat Cup Gun has become the standard for producing small-to-medium sized parts with a limited equipment budget. Here's why:

  • Quick, easy use—quick, easy clean-up: Gel coat and catalyst are mixed in—and dispensed from—paper tubs. Simply press tub onto lid for use, and dispose of it when the job is complete. Gel coat and catalyst can also be mixed in and dispensed from the provided plastic tub (easily cleaned for reuse).
  • Vacuum-fed, not gravity fed: By way of uniquely machined nozzles, the air stream picks up gel coat and provides a uniform, high-velocity spray in lateral and downward positions; the #120 sprays faster than most conventional HVLP (high-volume, low-pressure) guns.
  • Versatility: This gun is available for use with nine different nozzles to suit your application needs; in addition to gel coat, it sprays parting film, paint, resin, gel coat with glitterflake, and even sand for sandblasting (see parts #1800–1809).

Gel Coat Cup Gun ships with heavy duty poly-pro plastic cup (#121, one quart capacity, withstands acetone/ ketone); a compatible paper tub (#887); cast aluminum lid (#1812-A); 316" ID nozzle (#1805); cup gun cleaning brush (#1152-A); and instructions for use. Fibre Glast also sells a complete list of replacement parts.

  • Pressure required: 60–100 psi
  • Air consumption: 5.8 CFM at 80 psi
  • Compressor required: 5 HP
  • Air connection: ¼" TPR
  • Dry weight: 2.0 lb.

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Gel Coat Cup Gun This gun is sold by the unit.


3.5 star rating

hard gun to use

Oct 18, 2021  |  By mike

while this design does make cleanup alot easier, i found this gun very difficult to use, you end up wasting alot as you have to sweep past end of what your working on to get the gun in the upright position each pass or gelcoat comes running out the front, you also have to blow the gun clear every pass or it will shoot globs when you first hit the trigger. after using this gun, i'd much rather prefer the longer cleanup of a gun with a needle in it so you dont have to hold it upright as soon as you done spraying.

Good but watch some vids

Jun 6, 2019  |  By Tod

This is a great gun but it I had not watched some YouTube videos on how to use it I would have hated it. It is not a normal spray gun in how it operates. Once I sorted out how it works I was amazed at how good it performed.

Pros and Cons

Feb 22, 2016  |  By Mike Spenard

Very well made. Very easy to clean (2 parts get dirty; the nozzle and the metal cup lid, as it just pulls apart. No wrench needed. However, it's out of a RoadRunner cartoon. Unlike an HVLP you should spray this gun from 3 feet away. And it's highly prone to drip and spray globs. So have a brush ready to sweep out any globs this thing ejects. Not a precision tool. But it's for gel-coat so Who cares, right?
Impressive, but with a learning curve
Apr 19, 2015  |  By Douglas R
I'm brand new to gel cote work but realized quickly a standard hvlp gun wasn't going to work for me. My first try with this cup gun was expensive; I wasted nearly a quart of gelcoat when I couldn't get any spray at all. After replacing some of the o-rings and, I think most importantly, really getting the nozzle well seated in the aluminum cover plate, it worked very well. I will need more experience to regulate the volume, which is still to heavy. But I can see this as an excellent tool in more capable hands. Clean-up is a breeze and speeds the entire process. Better instructions might be a help.

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