Chavant AutoStyle Industrial Design Clay

5 star rating

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  • 1123-A
  • 1123-A
    2 lb. Block
  • $29.95
  • 1123-B
  • 1123-B
    40 lbs. (Case of 20 x 2lb. Blocks)
  • $449.95


Smooth Medium-weight for Prototypes

Professionals want the workability of a sulfur-based clay…without the risk of compromising their metal equipment. Chavant AutoStyle Industrial Design Clay is the answer.

This light brown, medium clay contains no sulfur, so there's no risk of corrosion to metal workstations, tooling, or ovens. It heats up quickly to a comfortable, creamy consistency, with recommended working temps between 125°F–135°F.


  • Contains no sulfur.
  • AutoStyle is 35% lighter than traditional industrial styling clay, so models are easier to move and handle.
  • Exceptional cohesion and adhesion properties.
  • Resistant to shrinking and cracking.
  • Low-odor, non-toxic formula makes for safer working conditions.


  • AutoStyle holds excellent surface detail and can be milled or shaped with tools.
  • AutoStyle ideally suited for the transportation, product design, and special effects industries, and complements most modern computer-aided 3D modeling techniques.
  • Heated clay up to 125°F to increase workability.


Billet (cylinder block) Size 2 lbs
Approximate Billet Dimensions 2-12" diameter x 11" long
Net Case Weight 40 lb. (20 x 2-lb. blocks)


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This item (#1123-A), when ordered as a single billet, will typically ship in a small box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped. A case (#1123-B) will typically ship in a large box.


Chavant AutoStyle Industiral Design Clay This clay is available in two sizes: One 2 lb. billet (#1123-A) One case, a 20-count of 2 lb. billets (#1123-B)


5 star rating

Love the clay

Apr 14, 2022  |  By Kanyen Garcia

Purchased the clay to form some custom wide body fender flares for my car. This clay is exactly as described. It's stiff to really help keep its shape, and sticks very well to the car. If it hangs off to much you'll need to add supports somewhere, but so far I'm loving it. Because it's sulfur free it makes it doable to work with it for long periods of time. Only problem I had was I didn't order enough. They are pricy but it's the quality you're paying for. I ended up buying a full case to attempt and make my own bumper. I'm very satisfied with this clay and going to try and get the most out of it all!


Aug 31, 2020  |  By Farin Valiyeva

This is my second and additional purchase of clay. This clay is amazing. I will buy more for bigger future projects.

FibRelease and Chavant Auto Clay

Feb 16, 2016  |  By Max Roeder

The FibRelease worked extremely well on the Chavant clay plug. using the Vinyl ester resin and glass worked well and produced the parts I needed.

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