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Dependable Choice for Vacuum Bag and Infusion

Strong enough to resist collapse under pressure in the vacuum cycle, this vinyl tubing is the smart choice for your next vacuum bagging or infusion project.

  • Inner diameter of 12" (34" OD) allows maximum airflow to quickly draw air from bag
  • Clear vinyl permits observation of air/resin within
  • Sturdy, but lightweight for easy handling
  • Temperature range: -20°F to 165°F
  • Compatible with a wide range of fittings offered at
  • Sold by the lineal foot


Tubing will typically ship in a medium or large box, depending on amount ordered. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped.


Vacuum Tubing Vacuum Tubing is sold by the linear foot. Quantity discounts are available when more than 50 feet of tubing is purchased as part of one order.

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