0.6 Liter Gel Coat Touch-Up Spray Gun

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  • 0.6 Liter Gel Coat Touch-Up Spray Gun
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Customize your Spray Pattern for Heavy-Duty Jobs

Not every spray application is the same. Why not have one gun that allows you to adjust spray width and volume? Our #126 Gel Coat Touch Up Spray Gun does the job and is just right for larger surface applications, including new mold construction, composite refinishing, and large boat surface repairs.

Additionally, this heavy-duty gun is built for durability. The die cast metal body ensures a longer life than plastic body models, and seals are designed to resist disintegration under tough acetone clean-up. Fibre Glast also sells a complete list of replacement parts to keep your gun running safely and accurately over time.

The 0.6-liter Gel Coat Touch-Up Spray Gun ships with a 2.5 mm nozzle; 1.25 pint plastic cup (#127-A, one quart capacity, withstands acetone); nozzle cleaning brush (#1448-A); one mini filter (#125-A); tool wrench (#1446-A); hex wrench (#1447-A); and instructions for use. PLEASE NOTE: This gun can also be used with a 1.0 liter aluminum cup (sold separately, #2257-A).

  • Pressure required: 40–80 psi
  • Air consumption: 4.7–7.1 CFM
  • Compressor required: 1.5 HP
  • Air connection: 14" NPT
  • Dry weight: 1.55 lb.

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0.6 Liter (20 oz) Touch Up Spray Gun This gun is sold by the unit.


5 star rating


Apr 28, 2021  |  By Randall S Clement

Great to deal with Michelle at customer service!!


Mar 5, 2019  |  By James Hargraves

quick delivery-appears to be quality product

Great gun

Feb 15, 2018  |  By Jeff potthoff

I work for an industry leading yacht manufacturer in the repair department building multi million dollar yachts. Before buying this gel coat gun i was borrowing a devilbiss finish line gun with a 2.2 aircap, I was getting good results with it. Lately i have been doing most of the spraying and wanted my own gun. Not wanting to spend $300 for a devilbiss i chose this gun, i am so glad i did the results i have experienced are far beyond expectations. Once the gun was set up properly for my specific gelcoat mix my repairs have been nothing short of spectacular. Co workers are constantly coming by and evaluating the final results they are impressed and dismayed at the incredible finish they are unable to attain with their cheapo guns. I thin my gelcoat to 30% and have to close the fluid control almost completely, so this gun should be able to spray un thinned gelcoat with zero problems. The finish on the gun is difficult to maintain but as long as it keeps working i do not care what it looks like. I do wish the aircap was designed for a standard wrench incase i for some reason loose the spanner wrench that comes with it. But that is no big deal. I would not only recommend this gun but strongly encourage it if you care at all about how your gelcoat repairs come out.

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