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    50" Wide - 2 Yard
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Conformable and Lightweight Fabric for General Use

4 oz/sq yd, 50" Wide, 0.006" Thick, 24 x 22 Plain Weave

This 4-ounce Plain Weave Fiberglass Fabric is our most popular selection for use as a surface fabric, with enough body to be easily handled. This fiberglass wets out to a transparent, protective barrier, and can be used to prevent print-through of heavier fabrics underneath. It is often chosen for strip-built canoes and final layering over moldless designs.

Like other plain weave fabrics, it delivers uniform strength in both horizontal and vertical directions, with warp and fill yarns at 0 and 90 degrees, respectively. Orient this fabric so that yarns run parallel to expected loads.

Before starting the lay-up process, fabricators should consider:

  • To maximize strength, add layers at alternating 45-degree angles, one on top the next.
  • Use with epoxy resin, polyester resin, or vinyl ester resin to produce composite parts of excellent strength, low weight, and great cosmetics.

Fibre Glast is committed to ensuring that every roll of fabric we handle is First Quality and manufactured to the highest standards, so that you can expect the same finish, sizing, and handling characteristics every time you order.

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Folded prepacks are typically shipped in a small box, or packaged in a box with other items on your order. Rolled fabrics ship in a long (45", 53", or 62") box. Click below on the "What to expect when you order Fabric" video to see how rolled fabrics are cut and shipped each time you order.


5 star rating


Apr 9, 2022  |  By Dave

Haven't used it yet, but haven't been disappointed in fiberglast yet (except the dang $$$, but that's most places nowadays)

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