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  • CC-06148
    59" Wide Sheet - 5 Yard Roll
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  • CC-05863
  • CC-05863
    60" Wide Tube - 2 Yard Roll
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Particulary Soft and Pliable, Won't Dry Out

When stored and used properly, this Nylon Bagging Film is extremely conformable to the contours of your part, which decreases the likelihood of troublesome wrinkles and pinholes in your bagging system. It is suitable for use with temperatures below 300°F, and can be used in a variety of styles:

  • If you're bagging to a tooling surface, like a mold with an outside flange, consider using the flat 59"-wide sheet.
  • The 60"-wide tube format is well suited for sliding parts inside, also known as envelope bagging.
  • Slice open the tube format for use as a 120"-wide sheet.

This Nylon Bagging Film can be used with epoxy, polyester, or vinyl ester resin. For applications requiring higher temperature usage, consider the High Temperature Nylon Bagging Film, #1786.

This film is 0.002" thick.

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