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1 Liter High Pressure Gel Coat Spray Gun
Liners for 134-A 1L Spray Gun (Pack of 100)
1 Liter High-Pressure Gel Coat Spray Gun

The Capacity and Customization Needed For Any Project

The #134 1 Liter High Pressure Gel Coat Spray Gun is ideal for larger repairs and small to medium projects, with a wide variety of patterns and pressure adjustments to suit the needs of your project.


  1. Industrial Built Design: The #134 High Pressure Gel Coat Spray Gun is durably built, able to stand up to the rigors of most projects.
  2. Increased Capacity: This Gun will be able to tackle small to medium projects, with more capacity and higher material flow than the smaller #123 and #126 Gel Coat Touch-Up Spray Guns.
  3. Suction Fed: Unlike the #120 Cup Gun, the #134 can be sprayed upwards, making the application process easier.


  1. Pressure Required: 44 – 58 PSI
  2. Air Consumption: 4.2 – 7.1 CFM
  3. Compressor Required:1.5 HP
  4. Air Connection: 1/4"
  5. Fill Capacity: 33 oz


  1. Make sure material is catalyzed to manufacturers specifications
  2. We recommend placing a disposable liner (part number #136-B) inside the aluminum cup prior to filling, preventing damage to the gun from potential material catalyzation
  3. Fill canister about 3/4 full of material to be sprayed
  4. Connect gun to air supply, make sure fluid cap, container, and air hose have been tightly connected to spray gun
  5. Begin spraying, making sure to keep gun at a right angle with surface, then move it in parallel lines several times to reach desired thickness
  6. Material catalyzing within your gun can cause serious damage. Remember, spray acetone through your gun before catalyzation can occur

Each gun comes with a 3 mm nozzle, 1/4" barbed fitting, a cleaning brush, two disposable Liners (Part number #136-B) and aluminum cup.

NOTE the 1/4" fitting can be removed for a quick change fitting (not included.)

This item, when ordered alone, will typically ship in a small box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped.

1L (33 oz) High Pressure Spray Gun

This gun is sold by the unit