1/4" Chopped Graphite Fibers

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Localize Strength for High-Performance Parts

Our chopped carbon fiber is commonly compounded with resins to create an easily molded composite material that is great for filling cavities or reinforcing parts requiring optimized electrical conductivity. The finished products exhibit high strength and modulus, excellent fatigue, low thermal expansion and electrical and thermal conductivity. This material is available in 1/4 inch chopped fiber lengths and is sized for compatibility with various resin matrix systems and processes. The chopped product is small, thin, rectangular flake, 1/4 inch long by 1/8 to 1/4 inch wide. These precision-chopped graphite fibers are chopped from a 24K tow.


  • Chopped fiber is an economical alternative to fabric.
  • Chopped graphite fiber also offers good translation of mechanical and electrical properties.
  • Easily mixed into a uniform pre-blend prior to compounding
  • Good combination of mechanical and electrical properties


  • Use with difficult vacuum bagging applications to fill deep cavities or sharp edges.
  • Recommended for use with epoxy or vinyl ester resin. Add filler after adding catalyst to resin.
  • Mix ratio is 1:15 (filler to resin). Adjustments may be necessary per application.


Length 1/4"
Strength 660 KSI
Tensile Modulus 34.1 MSI
Density 0.066 lb/in2
Filament Diameter 0.28 x 10-3 in
Color Black


Fibre Glast is committed to ensuring that every product we sell is First Quality and manufactured to the highest standards, so that you can expect the same properties and handling characteristics every time you order.

Chopped graphite fibers are short strands of graphite fiber used as a reinforcement material in composite applications. Here is some information about the use of chopped graphite fibers in composites:

  1. Reinforcement: Chopped graphite fibers are added to composite matrices, such as resins, to provide reinforcement and improve the mechanical properties of the material.
  2. Enhanced Strength and Stiffness: The addition of chopped graphite fibers increases the strength and stiffness of the composite. Graphite fibers are known for their high tensile strength and modulus, allowing them to effectively distribute and transfer stress within the material, improving its load-bearing capacity and resistance to deformation.
  3. Lightweight: Graphite fibers are lightweight, which makes them suitable for applications where weight reduction is important. Incorporating chopped graphite fibers into composites can help reduce the overall weight of the material while maintaining its strength.
  4. Electrical Conductivity: Graphite fibers have excellent electrical conductivity, making them useful in applications where electrical properties are required. The presence of chopped graphite fibers in composites can provide electrical conductivity or act as a barrier to static electricity.
  5. Thermal Conductivity: Graphite fibers have high thermal conductivity, which makes them beneficial in applications that require heat dissipation. Chopped graphite fibers can enhance the thermal conductivity of composites, allowing for better heat transfer and dissipation.
  6. Lubricity: Graphite fibers have inherent lubricity, which can be advantageous in certain applications. The presence of chopped graphite fibers in composites can provide self-lubricating properties or reduce friction between surfaces.
  7. Chemical Resistance: Graphite fibers exhibit good chemical resistance, allowing composites reinforced with chopped graphite fibers to withstand exposure to various chemicals and harsh environments.
  8. Wear Resistance: Chopped graphite fibers enhance the wear resistance of composites, making them more durable and resistant to abrasion. The fibers can improve the material's ability to withstand friction and extend its service life in applications with high wear requirements.

It is important to note that the specific properties and performance of composites using chopped graphite fibers will depend on various factors, including the fiber content, fiber length, fiber orientation, matrix material, and processing conditions.


Fillers, when ordered alone, will typically ship in a small or medium box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped.


1/4 Inch Chopped Graphite Fibers These Graphite Fibers are available in two sizes: One 1/2 gallon (#571-A) One carton (#571-B)


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