1/4" Chopped Glass Fibers

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Build Strength for Resin Systems

These longer glass fibers are used to increase tensile and compressive properties of any resin, and even other traditional building materials including concrete. Fibers will strengthen castings and reinforce fillets in difficult-to-laminate areas of parts like edges and corners.

  • Cut costs for processing, without compromising strength.
  • Good color characteristics permit pigmentation or color matching to specification.
  • Superior strand integrity resists generation of fuzz when used in feeding systems.
  • Fabricators often add other fillers, like our #23 Silica, to resin in conjunction with chopped glass for handling.

This filler is compatible with epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester resin systems. Add filler after adding catalyst to resin.

Mix ratio is 1:15 (filler to resin).

Chopped glass fibers are short strands of glass fiber commonly used as a reinforcement material in composite applications. Here is some information about the use of chopped glass fibers in composites:

  1. Reinforcement: Chopped glass fibers are added to composite materials such as resins to provide reinforcement and improve mechanical properties. The fibers act as a strengthening component, increasing the tensile strength, flexural strength, and impact resistance of the composite material.
  2. Dispersion: Chopped glass fibers can be easily dispersed within a matrix material during the fabrication process. They can be uniformly mixed and distributed throughout the composite, ensuring that the reinforcement is evenly distributed for consistent mechanical performance.
  3. Increased Strength and Stiffness: The addition of chopped glass fibers improves the strength and stiffness of the composite. The fibers distribute and transfer stress within the material, enhancing its load-bearing capacity and resistance to deformation.
  4. Impact Resistance: Chopped glass fibers enhance the impact resistance of composites, making them more resistant to sudden forces or impacts. The fibers absorb and distribute energy, reducing the risk of cracking or fracturing under impact loads.
  5. Dimensional Stability: Chopped glass fibers can help improve the dimensional stability of composites by minimizing shrinkage and expansion. They provide reinforcement and structural integrity to the material, reducing the likelihood of warping or distortion due to changes in temperature or humidity.
  6. Processability: Chopped glass fibers can be easily incorporated into different composite fabrication methods, allowing for flexibility in design and production.
  7. Cost-Effectiveness: Chopped glass fibers are relatively affordable compared to other reinforcing materials. They provide a cost-effective solution for enhancing the performance and strength of composites, making them widely used in a range of applications.

It is important to note that the specific properties and performance of composites using chopped glass fibers will depend on various factors, including the fiber length, fiber content, fiber orientation, and the matrix material used.


Fillers, when ordered alone, will typically ship in a small or medium box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped.


1/4 Inch Chopped Glass Fibers These Milled Glass Fibers are available in a variety of sizes: One 1/2 gallon (#30-A) One carton (#30-B) One box (#30-C)


5 star rating

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