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  • Vacuum Generator
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Easily Converts Your Air Compressor into a Vaccum

When you're ready for vacuum bagging, but don't have a vacuum pump, this generator provides a low-cost option. Just attach the Vacuum Generator in-line to a reliable air compressor capable of producing 30–70 psi at 3.5 CFM. It creates a venturi-style vacuum that pulls 2.2 CFM at 27" Hg (mercury)—perfect for producing high-performance composites within a bag.

  • Product ships fully assembled and features a quick-connect fitting for attachment to air supply
  • Also ships with our 12" (OD) Plastic Barb Fitting (#901-A), for connecting to 12" vacuum tubing (#893, sold separately)
  • Features no moving parts for zero maintenance

PLEASE NOTE: Larger air compressors are advisable for continuous use applications. Smaller air compressors should use the #2229-A High Efficiency Vacuum Generator.

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Vacuum Generator This item is sold by the unit.


5 star rating

Great device!

Aug 9, 2016  |  By Tracy Uhthoff

This little vacuum generator is exactly what we needed! Saves us from firing up a loud and costly generator; we simply connect it with our in-shop compressor. Works perfectly well for the small vacuum-bagging projects we're involved with.

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