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  • 830-A
  • 830-A
    Basic Manual Dispensing Gun
    Basic Manual Dispensing Gun 10-1
  • $118.95
  • 831-A
  • 831-A
    Low Resistance Manual Dispensing Gun 10:1
    Low Resistance Manual Dispensing Gun 10-1
  • $435.95
  • 832-A
  • 832-A
    Pneumatic Dispensing Gun 10:1 HP
    Pneumatic Dispensing Gun 10-1 HP
  • $830.95
  • 833-A
  • 833-A
    Battery Powered Dispensing Gun 10:1
    Battery Powered Dispensing Gun 10:1
  • $990.95


Designed for use with many different adhesive cartridges.

Fibre Glast offers a full line of dispensing guns that will fit every need. The Basic Manual Dispensing Gun with multiple plungers will accommodate the 1610 MMA or the BP20 cartridges. For the MMA adhesive 10:1 cartridge we also offer a low resistance manual, pneumatic, and a rechargeable, commercial-grade battery powered dispensing gun.


This item, when ordered alone, will typically ship in a small box. Where possible we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped.


This gun is sold by the unit.

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