From checkerboard to honeycomb, our Patterned Carbon Fabrics grab attention and make no compromise when it comes to champion strength- and stiffness-to-weight ratios.

The patterned weave of these fabrics does not work against the ultimate strength properties of these fabrics. In fact, these First Quality patterned fabrics are as strong if not stronger than conventional weave styles. Patterned weaves feature more "floats," or areas where yarn being woven in one direction floats on top of yarn being woven in another direction. This makes for less bending in the yarn, further supporting the inherent superior strengths of the carbon fibers themselves.

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To fully realize strength properties of any carbon fiber fabric, use an epoxy resin system like our System 2000 Epoxy.

At Fibre Glast Developments, we take great measure to ensure that every roll of patterned carbon fabric we handle meets our First Quality commitment, manufactured to the highest standards. That means you can expect the same properties and handling characteristics every time you order from us. This guarantee also means that our fabrics are virtually flawless…helping you to achieve a perfect look.

Do you want to learn more about carbon fiber or other composite materials? Fibre Glast has a free Learning Center with white papers, videos, charts, and photo galleries. You can learn more about carbon fiber with free white papers like: About Reinforcements and The Strength of Patterned Carbon Fiber Fabrics.

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