Mix and Pour foam offers unique benefits not found in other materials. This polyurethane foam has finished structural properties very similar to polyisocyanurates. It is a closed-cell system, meaning individual cells of foam trap in air and keep liquids out. As a result, it is most frequently used for flotation applications, with the 2lb. density delivering 60 pounds of float per cubic foot. It can be used to fill cavities for reinforcement and insulation, and can be shaped or carved, once cured, for use as a plug in mold-making or sculpting. The 6 lb. density is ideal for filling cavities that will be used to support a heavy load. It is often used to make millwork, floats for wastewater treatment plants, and Coast Guard buoys.

Fibre Glast offers two different densities of mix and pour polyurethane foam to suit your specific application. Explore the benefits and features of both options below.

  • Duratec® Gray Vinyl Ester Primer

    Ultimate Barrier Coat for Corrosion and Marine Applications
    Duratec® Gray Vinyl Ester Primer brings unmatched strength and performance in a highly functional resin system....
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