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60" Wide - Cut to length by yard
Quantity Discounts
25+ Yards $ 5.95  
100+ Yards $ 5.45  
290+ Yards $ 4.95  
1 yd Package
3 yd Package
5 yd Package
Swatch (4" x 6")
Econostitch® Peel Ply

Visible Before and After Cure

Econostitch® Peel Ply creates a uniform, textured surface finish for your laminate that reduces or eliminates the need for sanding or scuffing your part once the bagging process is complete. It features a fine weave but when laid directly next to your laminate in lay-up, it allows excess resin and air to flow through, eliminating voids in your parts. Econostitch features red tracers which allow it to be visible before and after a cure, reducing the possibility of the peel ply being left on the part.

  • Scoured, heat set, and coated with a release agent for easy release from your finished part
  • Can be used with temperatures up to 375°F
  • Compatible with all of the resins on our website.
  • 60" wide
  • 0.006" thick
Folded prepacks are typically shipped in a small box, or packaged in a box with other items on your order. Rolled materials ship in a long (45", 53", or 62") box.
Econostitch Peel Ply This peel ply is sold by the linear yard, either as a prepackaged quantity or by continuous yardage. Prepacks This peel ply is available in pre-cut lengths that measure one yard (#1582-A, folded package), three yards (#1582-B, folded package), and five yards (#1582-C, folded package). Each is packaged and sold separately. For your convenience, these "prepacks" can be purchased in any combination. However, if the length for any one cut of film totals 10 yards or more, we suggest you purchase it in continuous, "cut to length" yardage. Continuous, "Cut to Length" Yardage If you know in advance that you intend to purchase 10 yards or more of any one bagging film, it should be ordered in continuous, "cut to length" yardage. In this case, film will be cut once according to the total yardage ordered, and customers receive a price-per-yard discount as compared to prepacks. Quantity discounts continue to deepen as the yardage increases for any one cut of one film.