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OLFA® Rotary Cutter
OLFA® Rotary Cutter

Slice Thru Fabrics with Smooth, Clean Cuts

Forget the jagged cuts and snagged fibers caused by scissors or shears. The OLFA® Rotary Cutter slices through fiberglass, carbon fiber, and KEVLAR® for clean cuts every time.

  • Layout patterns and trace cut lines on dry fabric—the OLFA® Rotary Cutter makes it easy to follow for perfectly shaped parts.
  • Cut multiple pieces of reinforcement at once—the Olfa® can slice through six layers in one cut.
  • To use, simply squeeze handle to move blade into cutting position, and lock into place; when finished, blade should be released and locked for safe storage.
  • For best results, use with an OLFA® Cutting Mat (#1708, #1709, #1710) to protect tabletops and make smooth, consistent cuts.
  • Use with right or left hand.
  • Replacements blades (#1715, #1716) are available to extend the life of the rotary cutter.

KEVLAR® Fabric is made with genuine DuPont™ KEVLAR® fiber. DuPont™ and KEVLAR® are registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company and are used with permission.

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OLFA® Rotary Cutter

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