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Fine Grit - 1/2 Pint (0.34 lbs)
Fine Grit - Pint (0.69 lbs)
Fine Grit - Quart (1.38 lbs)
Fine Grit - Gallon (5.5 lbs)
Medium Grit - 1/2 Pint (0.38 lbs)
Medium Grit - Pint (0.75 lbs)
Medium Grit - Quart (1.5 lbs)
Medium Grit - Gallon (6 lbs)
Non-Skid Rubber Additive

Durable non-skid additive for Gel Coats

The Fibre Glast Non-Skid Rubber Particles are ideal for creating a durable, safe, non-skid surface to any gel coated surface, such as a boat deck or patio. It is also ideal for skate or surf board surfaces, sporting equipment handles, and much more.

Rubber particles form a more comfortable and durable non-skid surface than silica sand, and create a lasting texture that can withstand extreme traffic. Available in to two particle sizes, our fine grit is ideal for surfaces in contact with bare feet or hands, where the medium grit is perfect for surfaces where footwear is worn.

For fast and easy application, particles can be mixed directly into gel coat before application and applied with a roller, sprayer (2 or 2.5 mm or larger nozzle), or brush in single or multiple layers. For a more controlled, denser texture, particles can be broadcast onto wet gel coat until refusal, and protected with an additional layer of gel coat.


  • Durable enough for car traffic, comfortable enough for bare foot traffic.
  • Does not chip away like mineral additives.
  • Lower specific gravity allows these particles to be mixed directly into coating, unlike sand or minerals that would settle quickly.
  • Perfect for use on boat decks, patios, skate boards, surf boards, hand grips, and more.
  • Non-toxic. Does not contain silica.
  • Compatible with gel coats, urethanes, epoxies, and acrylics.


  • More or less particles can be used to suit your personal preference.
  • We highly recommend for best results when using gel coats, use our #1039 & #1040 Duratec® Clear Hi-Gloss Additive.
  • We recommend a mix ratio of 1:8 (1/4 pint of rubber particles per quart of gel coat) if you are using the direct mix application. For a broadcast application, use 3-4 quarts of fine particles, or 4-5 quarts of medium particles per 100 ft²; loose particles that are recovered after cure can be reused on your next application.


Color White
Particle Size Fine (250-600 μm); Medium (150-250 μm)
Hardness Shore A, 60-80
Specific Gravity 1.4


Fibre Glast is committed to ensuring that every filler and resin modifier we offer is manufactured to the highest standards, so that you can expect reliable and compatible supplies every time you order.

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Non-Skid Rubber Additives, when ordered alone, will typically ship in a small or medium box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped.
Non-Skid Rubber Additives

The Fine Particle Non-Skid Rubber Additive is available in a variety of sizes that include:
One 1/2 pint (#4202-A)
One Pint (#4202-B)
One Quart (#4202-C)
One Gallong (#4202-D)

The Medium Particle Non-Skid Rubber Additive is available in a variety of sizes that include:
One 1/2 pint (#4203-A)
One Pint (#4203-B)
One Quart (#4203-C)
One Gallong (#4203-D)