Item Price Qty
1 yd Roll
3 yd Roll
5 yd Roll
10 yd Roll
20 yd Roll
Full Roll / No Core (84 yds)
EnkaFusion Nylon Flow Media

Fastest Flow Rates for Resin Infusion

EnkaFusion® Nylon Flow Media is designed to facilitate resin infusion and provides the fastest flow rates of all flow media available at Randomly oriented nylon filaments create a flat, open structure that expedites resin flow, permits a complete wet-out, and keeps resin retention to a minimum. Use it at the surface, or as a separation layer between layers of reinforcement within your composite.

  • Compatible with epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester resins
  • Nylon permits use with high temperature range
  • Flexible; easy to handle, cut, and install

EnkaFusion is 39" wide.

Rolled materials ship in a long (45", 53", or 62") box.
EnkaFusion Nylon Flow Media

EnkaFusion Nylon Flow Media is available in prepackaged lengths that include:
One yard roll (#1401-A)
One 3 yard roll (#1401-B)
One 5 yard roll (#1401-C)
One 10 yard roll (#1401-D)
One 20 yard roll (#1401-E)

A full role with no core is also available at a total length of 84 yards (#1401-F).