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  • CC-06584
    1" x 4' x 2' (Set of 4) - Damaged Corners
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Easy Carve for More Detailed Patterns and Molds

Our 6 lb./cubic foot Polyisocyanurate Foam is a rigid, closed-cell foam used in insulation, sandwich core, and carving applications where strength is key. The properties of this foam are similar to those of our 6 lb. Mix and Pour Foam (#624/625), so it can be easily cut and shaped with a sharp knife or sandpaper, and its density is suited to hold greater details.

  • Glue sheets together to form thicker blocks for shaping functional, moldless parts.
  • Store unused foam away from direct sunlight to avoid degradation.
  • Temperature range: -297°F to 300°F

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6 lb. Polyisocyanurate Foam Sheets This item is sold by the unit, each containing four sheets (#448-D).

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