Use the tools in this category to help accurately measure and mix resin for the lamination process.

Resin is always mixed with a catalyst and hardener so that it creates a hard, laminate part. It can also be mixed with optional additives, like fillers, pigment, and wax, to achieve desired characteristics or cosmetics for the resin.

When adding any of these additives with resin, mixing ratios and measurements are critical to the performance of the resin system—both for the lay-up process and for the finished part. Dispensing tools make this job easier and more accurate…whether you're measuring by weight or by volume, by droplets or by the gallon.

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  • EZ Mix Containers

    Mix 2-part Resins by Ratio in Same Container
    Graduations display volumetric ratios for all kinds of mixes, but are especially helpful for mixing epoxy resin and...
  • Plastic Cups

    Graduated and Solvent-Proof to Suit Needs
    When it's more than a few drops but not substantial, these handy clear, graduated cups do the trick for mixing and...
  • 9 oz. Graduated Cups

    Graduated and Solvent-Proof for General Use
    Mix and measure in one, easy-view cup. Measures in both milliliters (cc) and fluid ounces.  
  • Graduated Measuring Cups

    Pour, Scoop and Measure Just About Anything
    Get it all done with one simple tool. Keep both convenient, handheld sizes in the workshop.  
  • Teaspoon/ Tablespoon Measuring Set

    Two Small Measurements in One Handy Tool
    Measures both teaspoon and tablespoon. Do not use with acetone.  
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  • Acetone Dispenser

    The Safest Way to Keep Acetone at the Ready
    3 star rating
    Reduce spills, evaporation, and contamination. Easy-to-squeeze dispensing—Easy to identify. Our 16 oz....
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Working with resin always requires safe and careful handling.

  • Read through the Safety Data Sheet for any available products.
  • Be sure your work area is well-ventilated.
  • Consider wearing gloves, safety goggles, and protective clothing in case of a potential splash or spill. See these products in our Safety & Cleaning category.

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