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Resins & Gel Coats

Resin and Gel Coat Boat
Polyester Resins are the most commonly used in the composites industry. They are the least expensive, are naturally UV resistant and easier to use than epoxies. Gel Coat is a polyester based resin formulated for high quality, cosmetic surfaces. Epoxy resins are also commonly used. They are typically used in high performance applications where low weight and high strength are critical. Vinyl Ester resin is chemically formulated using both polyester and epoxy technology and is primarily used for corrosion resistance. If you are not sure where to start, most people would start with polyester resin.

Fibre Glast Resins and Gel Coats are all First Quality Guaranteed so you can work with confidence. Resin selection is based on fabric compatibility, service conditions, and the desired characteristics of the finished part. Moldmaking, molding and laminating operations can be performed with any system.

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Epoxy is the higher performance and higher priced system. It is used in weight critical, high strength, and dimensionally accurate applications. Vinyl Ester resin offers corrosion resistance, heat resistance and is blended for toughness. Polyester resins are less expensive, offer some corrosion resistance, and are more forgiving than epoxies. Gel Coat is a polyester based resin made for high quality, surface finish applications.

Want to learn more about Resin and Gel Coat? Fibre Glast has a free Learning Center with helpful white papers, videos, charts, and photo galleries. You can learn more about Resins and Gel Coat with free white papers like: About Resins, Getting Started in Composites, and Gel Coat Troubleshooting Guide.

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