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Fabric Racks & Work Stations

Fabric racks are the optimal way to handle and store multiple rolls of reinforcement and vacuum bagging consumables. These composite materials are best kept horizontally and not vertically with no weight on the actual material. Ergonomics also play an important role since fabric racks and work stations allow material to be stored at working heights. The three and six roll fabric racks can easily be made portable with a set of four casters that are sold separately. The four roll fabric rack has the option of floor mounting via wedge anchors.

Composite workstations are an excellent way to organize tools while keeping a clean cutting area. Our two workstations allow you to build a flexible and efficient composite work area.

Browse the products below to find all rack or workstation that is right for your work area.

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Six Roll Fabric Rack
Our Most Popular Rack

Designed specifically for composites, this rack will hold up to six rolls of fabric and is suitable for even the heaviest materials. This rack is extremely stable and does not require rolls to be counter-balanced. Rack is predrilled to accommodate Wedge Anchors or Casters (sold separately). Install this rack with wedge anchors and create a stationary two-sided rack. Attach Casters and you have a portable, easy to move rack that brings your materials to your workspace. Dimensions: Width: 74" - Height (without rolls): 73.5" - Depth: 48" Freight shipping required  
Four Roll Fabric Rack
Perfect for Vertical Spaces

This four roll fabric rack comes pre-drilled for floor mounting hardware. The extremely stable design does not require any top mounting and is suitable for heavy mats and fabrics. This rack is designed for single-sided access, but does not need to be installed near a wall.

Note: This rack is not suitable for casters and is designed for floor mounting only. Floor mounting hardware sold separately.
Dimensions: Width: 74" - Height (without rolls): 75.5" - Depth: 28.75" Freight shipping required  
Three Roll Fabric Rack
Sturdy and Convenient

This mid-size rack is capable of holding up to three rolls, with each bar able to hold up to 250 lbs. It is predrilled to accept casters (sold separately) for easy movement. Dimensions: Width: 74" - Height (without rolls): 40.5" - Depth: 42" 
Fabric Rack Casters
Make your fabric rack portable. (Set of 4)

These high-quality swivel casters are fitted with 5" polyurethane wheels and can be easily installed on our 6-roll or 3-roll fabric racks to allow even a full 6 roll rack to be moved by one person. The large wheels allow you to roll your fabric rack over the debris commonly found in a composite production environment. The polyurethane wheels provide a smooth ride that keeps your rack and fabrics stable when moving. Each caster feature brakes so that you can keep your rack in place while you are unrolling and cutting your fabrics and films.  
Wedge Anchors
Wedge Anchors for Floor Mounting Fabric Racks. (Set of 4)

These 1/2" Anchor Bolts were selected to fit with the pre-drilled holes of our fabric racks perfectly. They are strong enough to ensure your fabric rack is safely mounted and easy to install. Our 1738 Wedge Anchors are the best and safest way to permanently mount your fabric rack. 
Complete Composite Workcenter
Keep materials organized and accessible

This workcenter has everything you need to keep your fabric and supplies organized and accessible. The single fabric rolling bar is 66" wide, holds up to 200 lbs., and is capable of handling a roll up to 32" in diameter. This is ideal for even heavy mats, fiberglass, carbon fiber or Kevlar fabrics, and woven roving. The extra large work table is 96" wide and 36" deep. With a tension guide and tension bar, your fabrics can be held in place and the large work area allows plenty of room to maneuver. Two 72" wide shelves are plenty for your tools and supplies. The top shelf is 13" deep and comes with 7 dividers that can be positioned wherever you need along the multiple installation points. The lower shelf is 8" deep and allows you to store objects up to 10" tall. This work center is also equipped with an extra sturdy storage drawer for easy access to your cutting tools and supplies. Ergonomically designed at 35" from the floor, there is no need for stooping. Have a more efficient composite manufacturing work space. Dimensions: Width: 96" Height: 76" Depth: 36" (Assembly Required.) Freight shipping required  
Cutting Station
Easily work with multiple fabrics

This composite cutting station is ideal for storing and cutting composite reinforcement fabrics. It has two bars for holding fabrics, each up to 52" wide, with the lower bar holding up to 150 lbs. and the top bar holding up to 70 lbs. With a tension bar and tension guide, fabrics can be pulled onto the table and kept smooth and even. The table area is 30" deep by 64" wide allowing plenty of room to cut your fiberglass fabric and still offering enough room to work on your part. 35" from the floor, the ergonomic height is ideal for most adults. Dimensions: Width: 64" Height: 59" Depth: 30" (Assembly Required.) Freight shipping required  

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