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Scissors, Cutters, & Fabric Aids

An important aspect to building your composite part is using the proper cutting tools. Some composite reinforcements can be difficult to cut so these tools are designed to make your job easier. While the same pair of scissors or shears can be used to cut fiberglass and carbon fiber fabrics, Kevlar wears blades at a different angle and require a dedicated pair of scissors.

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EC Cutter
Cut quickly and safely 

Give your hands a break and take the strain out of cutting. These electric shears make quick work of prepreg and dry fiberglass and carbon fiber fabrics. With these scissors you can cut straight lines or curves at the push of a button and the unique blade configuration cuts fabric with ease but can't cut your fingers. You can use your EC Cutter on most fabrics and vacuum bagging films. They are versatile enough to cut anything from thick stitched fiberglass to 1K Carbon Fiber, precise enough to use with thin bagging films and peel plys, and can handle most things in between.

The rechargeable battery provides hours of use between charges and eliminates the need for awkward or restrictive power cords. Ships complete with two sets of blades, rechargeable battery, battery charger, AC adapter, and transformer.

EC Cutters are NOT recommended for use with Kevlar® fabrics or during a wet layup. 
GINGHER® Serrated Scissor
Designed to cut KEVLAR®

Our GINGHER® Serrated Scissors feature a serrated edge which allows you to cut KEVLAR® without pulling fibers along with the scissor. The serrated blade holds the fabric in place while the smooth blade cuts. These scissors can be used with prepreg fabrics, dry fabrics, or even during a wet layup. They are compatible with fiberglass, carbon fiber and KEVLAR®, however, the same pair should not be used for KEVLAR® and any other fabric. If used during a wet layup, we recommend soaking the blades in acetone after use and wiping clean prior to storage. 

KEVLAR® Fabric is made with genuine DuPont™ KEVLAR® fiber. DuPont™ and KEVLAR® are registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company and are used with permission. 
Resharpenable Scissors
Top choice for Fiberglass Fabricators

These professional shears have been relied upon for years for general purpose fiberglass work. With a total length of 12-1/2" and blades that measure in with a 6" cut, you can make quick work of even the largest job. These scissors offer excellent control and accuracy, making it easy to cut long straight lines, or to cut concave or convex shapes. Weighing in at 26oz, these heavy duty scissors offer thru-hardened blades that can be resharpened multiple times, offering years of useful life.

Compatible with right handed use only, these shears can easily cut through multiple layers of even thick carbon fiber and fiberglass fabrics. You can use these scissors with dry, prepreg, or wet fabrics.

Clean with acetone when used with prepregs or during a wet layup.   
Featherweight Scissors
Lightweight, durable, and reliable

GINGHER® Featherweights are a great all around scissor because they are lightweight, extremely sharp and comfortable to use. These 2-1/2 oz. scissors are perfect for a variety of purposes during a wet lay-up and can be soaked in acetone for easy clean up.

They are compatible with fiberglass, carbon fiber, and all vacuum bagging consumables. Wet or dry, prepreg or film, these scissors are versatile enough to tackle most jobs.   
Detail Trimmers
Fine, sharp tips for trimming in tight places 

Soft, flexible, oversized bows are easy to handle and the stainless steel pointed ends cut all the way to the tips. These scissors will cut dry, wet, or prepreg carbon, fiberglass, and hybrid fabrics and can be used either right or left-handed.

The small tips and accurate cuts of these scissors make them perfect for adding relief cuts during the layup process to get your reinforcement to fit your mold. They can also be used to quickly trim and clean up stubborn fibers along the cut edge of your fabric or to make small, difficult cuts for intricate parts.   
Soft Grip Bent Trimmer
Convenient Offset handles for easy table top cutting

Lightweight and comfortable, these stainless steel shears are perfect for straight cutting on delicate, lightweight fabrics as well as carbons and hybrids. The bent trimmer style will help keep the scissor cutting straight. Also ambidextrous handles feature a large lower bow that allows these scissors to be used while you are wearing gloves.   
Muscle Shears
Heavy Duty Shears for tough projects

Our 1732 Muscle Shears are designed to multiply your force and provide powerful short cutting strokes. They do a great job on carbon, fiberglass and hybrid fabrics. These scissors will even cut through many single layer laminations! One blade has a stainless steel serrated edge and the other stainless steel blade is smooth. The big, comfortable ambidextrous handles allow for a firm grip. These scissors should primarily be used for making straight or rough cuts and are not designed for making intricate shapes or fine detail cuts.  
Composite Markers
Mark your cutlines on any laminate or reinforcement 

These markers are perfect for marking on laminate parts, fiberglass or carbon fiber without dragging the fibers! Now you can mark your own patterns without annoying tracers that may or may not fit your design.

The Pilot® Marker utilizes a paint-like ink that can be applied with only minimal pressure. It works great on finished laminates, drying quickly and offering great contrast.

The Sharpie® Marker can be used with dry fabrics. It provides clean, crisp lines for maximum visibility. The silver color provides great contrast regardless of whether it is used with fiberglass, KEVLAR®, carbon fiber, or prepreg fabrics.   
OLFA® Rotary Cutter
Cut your reinforcements and leave clean edges

Forget the jagged cuts and snagged fibers caused by scissors or shears. Our OLFA® rotary cutters perform smooth, clean cuts easily slicing through fiberglass, carbon fiber, and KEVLAR® reinforcements in a snap. The sharp blade can cut through up to six layers of dry fabric, and is great to use when cutting braided sleeves. Layout your patterns and trace your intended cuts on dry fabric or prepreg to perfectly shape the reinforcement for your composite part.

In order to achieve best results, we recommend using an OLFA® Cutting Mat to protect your table top from the cutter and provide a consistent and smooth surface. Simply squeeze the handle to move the blade into cutting position, lock it into place, and slice away.

When finished, the blade locks back out of harm's way for safe storage.   
OLFA® Rotary Circle Cutter
Create a perfect circle or radius 

With our #1707 OLFA® Rotary Circle Cutter you can cut perfect circular patterns every time. This convenient rotary circle cutter features an easily adjustable center spike that measures out the exact radius you desire. You can use our circle cutter to create circles ranging from 1 7/8" to 8 1/2" in diameter.

The ratchet handle is designed for right and left-handed use and reduces wrist fatigue. Rotary blade locks quickly into safety position for storage. Rotary cutters offer smooth, clean cuts when used with dry or prepreg fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforcements.   
OLFA® Cutting Mats
Years of use for perfect patterns 

Don't let a damaged wooden, plastic, or metal table snag or destroy your fabric. Protect your table top and your reinforcements with these heavy-duty cutting mats. Composite reinforcements are composed of durable fibers, make sure that you have an adequate cutting surface to give you clean cuts.

Designed to resist and withstand punctures and slices associated with scissors, rotary cutters, or razor blades, these mats also create a smooth and consistent cutting surface.

OLFA® mats are marked with grid lines and measurements (1/8" increments) for accurate cutting and easy calculations.   
Replacement Blades for OLFA® Rotary Cutters
Rotary and Rotary Circle Cutter Blades

Replacement blades ensure that your rotary cutters are always in peak condition. 1706-A OLFA® Rotary Cutter requires either 1715-A (pack of 1) or 1716-A (pack of 5).

1707-A OLFA® Rotary Circle Cutter requires 1717-A (pack of 2).   
The Perfect Line Tape
Make clean, straight cuts and prevent fraying

Our #1735 Perfect Line Tape is such a reliable way to ensure straight cuts and clean fabric edges, we use it ourselves! Every roll of fabric that leaves our shop was cut with Perfect Line Tape.

To use, apply the tape onto your reinforcement and cut along the dashed line printed between the two text lines. You get an even cut and prevent fraying on both edges. This low cost item is an effective solution to the fraying associated with cutting expensive fabrics features a medium-tack adhesive that removes and leaves a negligible residue, allowing the fabric to be laminated all the way to the edge.

Can be applied directly to Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass fabrics. We recommend first applying a layer of standard blue painter's tape below Perfect Line tape when cutting Kevlar fabrics.

Perfect Line tape is best used to make straight cuts, but can be sectioned for use on gradual, simple curves. 55 yards per roll.   
Dritz® Fray Check
Keep your fabric edges from fraying 

Finally, a way to keep fabrics from fraying! Simply squirt a line of Dritz® Fray Check along the line you wish to cut, allow it to dry, and then snip away. This unique liquid holds fabric ends together, preventing the unraveling commonly associated with looser style weaves.

Note: areas of fabric saturated with fray check will not saturate with resin, so you should only use this product on portions of reinforcement that will be cut away from the final part.  
OLFA® Ruler, 6
Make the right measurements 

This durable ruler features a frosted acrylic construction, making it easy to read on both light and dark surfaces. With grid lines and markings in 1/8" increments and angle measurements for every 15 degrees, this handy ruler is much more than a simple straight edge. Use this ruler with a fabric marker to lay out your cuts, or with a rotary cutter to make your cuts. Create precise and repeatable cuts with an OLFA® ruler.  
Exact Yardage Tape
Economical, Disposable Measuring Tape 

Our Exact Yardage Tape provides an easy way to measure out your fiberglass, carbon fiber, or KEVLAR fabric in 1/8th yard increments. Simply roll this tape simultaneously with your fabric to calibrate your counter or to get a perfect yardage measurement. 100 yards per roll.   
EC Cutter Parts & Accessories
Individual Parts & Accessories for EC Cutter

Keep your EC Cutter in service with these replacement parts. We offer replacement parts for all of the wear items of a #1700 EC Cutter.

The #1701 AC Adapter allows you to convert your cordless EC Cutter into a corded cutter so that you do not have to worry about charging your battery. The #1702 Rechargeable Battery can be purchased to keep as a spare, or to replace a battery that has reached it's end-of-life.

The #1703 and #1704 blade sets give your EC Cutter a new lease on life with fresh, sharp blades. The #1705 Battery charger an replace a lost or broken unit, and the #1714 Transformer can be used with the Battery Charger or AC Adapter. 

You can place your order on our website or, if you have any questions, call 1.800.838.8984 | 8:00am - 8:00pm EST Mon-Fri.

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