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Epoxy Resins

Epoxy Resins are used to create the strongest and lightest parts throughout the composites industry. Epoxy Resins offer the best strength properties, dimensional stability, and they create a better bond to reinforcement fabrics than either polyester or vinyl ester resins. Epoxies are more expensive compared to polyester and vinyl ester resins, and they are less forgiving when handling.

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System 2000 Epoxy Resin
High Strength Epoxy Resin with Cure Options

System 2000 Epoxy Resin is a medium viscosity, light amber laminating resin that is designed for fabricating parts and other demanding structural applications. Use this system to maximize the physical properties of carbon fiber, KEVLAR®, and glass laminates! Test results have proven superiority over other room temperature epoxies. Its low viscosity and great handling characteristics make it a favorite in the shop too!

Three high performance hardener systems are available for the System 2000 resin. 20 minute, 60 minute and 120 minute pot life versions are all options. This added variety allows the fabricator to select the system best suited to the size, complexity, or time-frame of the project. Simple parts which need to be demolded quickly should use the 20 minute hardener. Larger and more complex parts can use either of the other hardeners.

Vacuum Bagging applications would typically warrant the longest 2 hour working time. As with any epoxy system, adhere to the proper mix ratios and maintain an adequate curing temperature of at least 70 degrees F. The cure time will be cut in half for every 10 degrees F that the temperature is raised above 70 degrees F. Purchase a single cure, or buy resin in bulk and order a variety of hardeners to keep on hand for any project. 

Chopped strand mat contains a binder which prevents proper bonding with any epoxy resins. Use our polyester or vinyl ester resins with chopped strand mat.

First, select the amount of System 2000 Resin that you will need. Then select your needed curing agent or combination of curing agents. Remember, these are not exact kits, so be sure you have enough Hardener!

KEVLAR® Fabric is made with genuine DuPont™ KEVLAR® fiber. DuPont™ and KEVLAR® are registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company and are used... 
2020 Epoxy Hardener
20 Minute Pot Life

Our #2020 Hardener is intended to be used with System 2000 Epoxy Resin. The short 20 minute pot life is quite versatile. You can use this hardener for repairs, simple fabrications, or those parts requiring a quick de-mold time.

#2020 will cure completely at room temperature, and does not require additional heat to achieve a full cure. It is intended for parts that will be exposed to lower service temperatures.

Pot Life: 20 Minutes
Mix Ratio By Weight: 100:23
Mix Ratio By Volume: 4:1  
2060 Epoxy Hardener
60 Minute Pot Life

Compatible with our System 2000 Epoxy, this medium pot life hardener is ideal for standard part fabrication. #2060 has a one hour working time which eases frantic lay-up schedules and improves quality of most parts.

In sufficient mass, #2060 will cure completely at room temperature (77°F or above). However, when constructing 2 or 3 ply, thin laminates and when overnight demolding and sandability is required, some heat should be applied to the 2060 system. Only moderate heat is required to gel hard, as low as 90°F is usually sufficient. With higher cure temperatures, parts or molds will have a service temperature of over 200°F.

Pot Life: 60 Minutes
Mix Ratio By Weight: 100:27
Mix Ratio By Volume: 3:1  
2120 Epoxy Hardener
120 Minute Pot Life

This long pot life hardener extends working time on large-scale and complex projects. Suitable for vacuum bagging and laminating in hot climates. The 24-36 hour de-mold time can be reduced by increasing the cure temperature. The post-cured service temperature exceeds 200 degrees F.

In sufficient mass, #2120 will cure completely at room temperature (77°F or above). However, when constructing 2 or 3 ply, thin laminates and when overnight demolding and sandability is required, heat must be applied. #2120 hardener should be given a cure of 12 to 14 hours at 120°F to 130°F to insure a hard gel sufficient for demolding and sandability. With higher cure temperatures, parts or molds will have a service temperature of over 200°F.

Pot Life: 120 Minutes
Mix Ratio By Weight: 100:27
Mix Ratio By Volume: 3:1 
High Temp Epoxy Resin - 45 min cure
Excellent for High Service Temp Parts & Tooling

For tooling and components that will operate in intermediate/high temperature service environments, use this High Temp Epoxy Resin. When post-cured, this unfilled, amber epoxy laminating resin system offers maximum stability in service applications involving frequent heating and cooling cycles. #3000/3045 High Temperature Epoxy Resin easily wets-out reinforcing fabric for quick, stable fabrications.

Cure using a ramp up cure schedule requiring at most 300°F
For maximum stability in any application, an oven post-cure is strongly recommended. This epoxy laminating system will gel hard in 18 to 24 hours at 77°F, but for applications where continuous service temperature is over 250°F, a post-cure is mandatory. Allow the High Temperature Epoxy Resin to gel at room temperature before initiating an oven post-cure.

#3000/3045 High Temp Epoxy Resin can be used with #1096 High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat. When used together, High Temp Epoxy Resin and High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat can create tough, durable, heat resistant tools.
  • Mix Ratio (by weight) – 100:16
  • Pot Life @ 77°F – 45-50 minutes
  • Color – Amber
  • Maximum Service Temperature – 270ºF
Post Cure Cycle
  1. Ramp up temperature at a rate of no more than 2-5°F per minute.
  2. Hold @ 150°F, 250°F, and 300°F for 3 hours each.
  3. Ramp down temperature to 100°F at a rate of no more than 2-5°F per minute. Do not shut down the oven and leave to cool.
High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat
Dissipate Heat and Improve Mold Life

To get the best performance in high temperature service applications, use High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat. Our #1096 High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat is a two-part, low viscosity thixotropic system. It is smooth and creamy, allowing it to be spread on complicated surfaces without losing detail or trapping air bubbles. This aluminum filled epoxy surface coat system is designed for demanding tooling applications with frequent intermediate/high temperature exposure. It is well suited to resist cracking and surface crazing during these temperature fluctuations.

Cure using a ramp up cure schedule requiring at most 300°F
High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat will gel hard at room temperature. However, for applications requiring an elevated service temperature, an oven post-cure schedule is necessary. Before initiating an oven post-cure, allow this surface coat to gel at room temperature.

#1096 High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat is formulated for use with our #3000/3045 High Temp Epoxy Resin. When used together, High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat and High Temp Epoxy Resin can create tough, heat resistant tools. Follow the oven post-cure schedule required by #3000/3045 High Temp Epoxy Resin.
  • Mix Ratio (by weight) – 100:12
  • Pot Life @ 77°F – 25-30 minutes
  • Color – Gray
  • Post Cure Cycle – Hold for 3 hours each @ 150°F, 250°F, or 300°F
  • Maximum Service Temperature - 270ºF
Epoxy Surface Coat
Easy to Use Durable Surface Coat

Our #1098 Epoxy Surface Coat is an off-white, paste designed to form a tough, durable surface on patterns, fixtures, and epoxy molds. This smooth and creamy paste is easy to apply. It can be brushed or spread onto detailed surfaces without trapping air bubbles. It provides excellent surface gloss, resists chipping and cracking. Use #1098 Surface Coat for demanding epoxy, room temperature industrial applications.

At room temperature, #1098 Epoxy Surface Coat will completely cure with no heat added. When applied in a thin film it will cure tack free (16 to 18 hours at 77°F). When fully cured, this surface coat system can be sanded.
  • Mix Ratio (by weight) – 100:14
  • Pot Life – 18-20 minutes
  • Color – White
High Viscosity Epoxy Surface Coat
Thickened Surface Coat

Our #1099 High Viscosity Epoxy Surface Coat is a white, thickened epoxy material used to create the durable surface coat on room temperature epoxy molds. This surface coat can be brushed on as thick without developing runs or sags. It is specially formulated to provide strong interlaminar bonds with the reinforcing materials, even if it is left unsupported overnight. #1099 resists chipping and cracking, and retains its high gloss.

It is often chosen for broad, flat tooling surfaces where it can be applied fast.
  • Mix Ratio (by weight) – 100:11
  • Pot Life – 20-25 minutes
  • Color – White
Epoxy Tooling Dough
Create Stable Tools Fast

Use #4108 Epoxy Tooling Dough as a sandwich material between layers of fiberglass to quickly create a low temperature, durable, dimensionally stable tool. An ideal alternative to using multiple layers of fiberglass in tooling applications, this two-part, lightweight, Epoxy Tooling Dough offers outstanding strength properties while saving time, materials, and labor. After proper mixing, this epoxy tooling putty can be applied at any thickness above ¼" to the tool surface without excessive exotherm and will not crumble or crack. Tools made with #4108 Epoxy Tooling Dough can easily be machined or drilled.

Mix the blue resin and the yellow hardener 1:1 (by volume). Knead the two dough compounds together until a homogenous, light-green color is achieved. Mixing can easily be done by hand, but in larger applications, a bread mixer is recommended.

Application Techniques
1. Dough Balls - Apply the mixed tooling dough onto the tool surface by creating dough balls and gently pressing them until a flat, level surface is created.
2. Patties - Prior to pressing the mixed dough onto the tool surface, roll, shape, and cut the material into uniform patties. Then, gently press the dough patties onto the tool surface.
3. Slurry - A slurry can be created by combining catalyzed epoxy resin and mixed Epoxy Tooling Dough. This slurry is not absolutely necessary, but can promote a better bond between the Epoxy Tooling Dough and laminated layers of fiberglass.  
Lightweight Epoxy Filler
Ultra Lightweight and Easy to Sand

Extremely lightweight epoxy filler used to smooth the surface of repaired parts, fill the weave on moldless or male molded parts, and shape fillets in corners and joints. This epoxy filler provides superior adhesion to most surfaces including SMC, foam, wood, fiber glass, many metals, and even common construction materials. It exhibits no shrinkage, so you won't need to keep re-applying. It spreads smoothly with few sags, even upside down! Final contours are easily sanded with standard shop tools.  
Marine Epoxy Fairing Compound
Smooth Almost Any Surface

#4114 Marine Epoxy Fairing Compound is a smooth, creamy paste system for fairing large surface imperfections on fiberglass, wood, aluminum, and steel. This tough Marine Epoxy Fairing Compound is UV stable, weather resistant, and can be used above or below the waterline. This Marine Epoxy Fairing Compound is versatile and can be used for fairing or surface repair on wooden marine vessels, wood cabinets, fiberglass structures, and architectural items. It is even used for finishing surfaces in clean room applications. #4114 can be sanded to an excellent finish, meaning there is no need for a finish coat.

When mixed at an easy 1:1 volumetric ratio, this creamy paste can be spread easily onto damaged or rough areas to create a smooth, cosmetic surface. This color coded kit (white resin/brown hardener) indicates when a complete mix has been achieved. Apply this compound up to 1" thick with very little shrinking or sagging during cure. When cured, Marine Epoxy Fairing Compound can easily be sanded and can accept most types of primers and paints.  
Epoxy Paste Bonding Adhesive
High Strength Bonding Paste

Our #1101 Epoxy Paste Bonding Adhesive is a high strength structural adhesive used to bond and assemble sub-components to form rigid final structures. The high viscosity provides excellent gap filling characteristics that strengthen loose fitting joints and panels. It forms tough durable bonds to composites, SMC, foam, wood, fiberglass, many metals, and even common construction materials.

Parts A and B are mixed in a 1:1 ratio. Cure time is relatively quick, 6-8 hours at 77°F, allowing for sufficient "green strength." Bonded items can be removed from the holding fixtures and handled within a few hours. Cured parts feature excellent strength, as well as good resistance to weak acids, moisture, and weather. 
5 Minute Epoxy Adhesive
Fast Set General Bonding

Use this liquid, 5 Minute Epoxy Adhesive for general repair and bonding, on both similar and dissimilar materials.

Once mixed, the adhesive has a working time of 4-6 minutes and sets to handling strength in only 10-15 minutes.

#4112 5 Minute Epoxy Adhesive is a two component liquid compound. Mix the blue resin and yellow hardener together in a 1:1 ratio—until a homogenous, translucent green color is achieved.
  • Minimum Cure Schedule – 6 hours
  • Maximum Cure – 24 hours
  • Cure in temperatures as low as 0°F

Our System 2000 is a general purpose, room temperature epoxy resin with variable cures. This resin is a great choice for structural or high strength applications. It is commonly used in the aerospace industry, for automotive and racing applications, and in the marine industry. System 3000 is a high temperature epoxy resin, appropriate for use when creating parts or tooling. When post-cured appropriately, System 3000 offers excellent dimensional stability at temperatures up to 270°F.

Want to learn more about Epoxy Resins? Fibre Glast has a free Learning Center with helpful white papers like: About Resins, Mold Construction, Molding Fiberglass, and Fundamentals of Fiberglass. You can also contrast Epoxy Resin with Polyester Resin and Vinyl Ester Resin in the Fibre Glast Blog article: Choosing the Right Resin.

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