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Clear Urethane Casting Resin
Excellent Clarity and Durability

#3500 Clear Urethane Casting Resin is perfectly water clear and won't yellow with UV exposure like an epoxy would. Also, it won't discolor in high humidity environments. This room temperature cure, two-part casting resin is self leveling and can be poured to create exceptionally rigid, durable, and impact resistant parts in applications that previously used acrylic or polycarbonate.

It is more resilient than clear polyester casting resins, and can be used to create quieter, more durable tabletops than clear epoxy resins. Typical applications include: lenses, clear reproduction parts, decorative pieces, prototype models, tabletops, and encapsulations. This resin can pour castings as shallow as 1/4" up to 3" deep at a time.

When mixed thoroughly, pour the clear urethane slowly to aid the release of air bubbles. It may be necessary to place the mixed resin in a degassing chamber to ensure all air is released to achieve a perfect casting. When using Clear Urethane Casting Resin, avoid water and all types of moisture contamination. Avoid direct contact with wood. Do not use any urethane kit with PVA Release Film, and do not mix with wooden mixing sticks. #2333 Plastic Paint Stirrers for Urethanes are recommended. To ensure a proper release from a mold, use at least four layers of #4121 Non-Silicone High Temp Paste Wax.

If using as a tabletop coating, it is advisable to clean the tabletop surface with alcohol and dry with a heat gun. This will ensure the surface is moisture free. Light heat can also be added to aide in outgassing during the cure cycle. Do not over heat. As a tabletop resin, our #3500 Clear Urethane is quieter than epoxy resins, and will not crack.
  • Mix Ratio (parts by weight) – 100A:72B
  • Work Life (100 gram mass) – 25 minutes
  • Maximum Casting Depth* - 3 inches
    *Castings greater than 3 inches can be step cast
  • Demold Time – 12-16 hours
  • Complete Cure – 5-7 days
  • Cured Color – Optically Water Clear
  • Hardness – 80 Shore D
Chopper Gun
Quick Glass Build Up

Our 1171 is a hand held, variable speed air powered chopper gun that is primarily used for coating molds or parts with fiberglass or carbon fiber reinforcement. Continuous glass roving is fed into the rear of the gun. The gun then chops the roving into short pieces and deposits them onto the mold. Resin is then applied by brush, roller or sprayed on using a cup gun.

By altering the number and location of chopper blades, the length of the fibers can be varied from 4" down to 5/16". This gun will deposit the equivalent of one layer of 1 oz mat onto a vertical surface without fall-off before wet-out. Ideally suited to quick mold or part build-up once the first layer or two are in place.

Use a fiberglass saturation roller to remove trapped air. New design increases cutter head surface by 32% and increased quantity of chopped material between blade replacements by 33%. Our 1171 chopper gun is compatible with our #522 Gun Roving and #2293 24K Carbon Tow.
High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat
Dissipate Heat and Improve Mold Life

To get the best performance in high temperature service applications, use High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat. Our #1096 High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat is a two-part, low viscosity thixotropic system. It is smooth and creamy, allowing it to be spread on complicated surfaces without losing detail or trapping air bubbles. This aluminum filled epoxy surface coat system is designed for demanding tooling applications with frequent intermediate/high temperature exposure. It is well suited to resist cracking and surface crazing during these temperature fluctuations.

Cure using a ramp up cure schedule requiring at most 300°F
High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat will gel hard at room temperature. However, for applications requiring an elevated service temperature, an oven post-cure schedule is necessary. Before initiating an oven post-cure, allow this surface coat to gel at room temperature.

#1096 High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat is formulated for use with our #3000/3045 High Temp Epoxy Resin. When used together, High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat and High Temp Epoxy Resin can create tough, heat resistant tools. Follow the oven post-cure schedule required by #3000/3045 High Temp Epoxy Resin.
  • Mix Ratio (by weight) – 100:12
  • Pot Life @ 77°F – 25-30 minutes
  • Color – Gray
  • Post Cure Cycle – Hold for 3 hours each @ 150°F, 250°F, or 300°F
  • Maximum Service Temperature - 270ºF
KEVLAR<sup>®</sup> Twill Weave Fabric
5.0 oz/sq yd, 50" Wide, 0.011" Thick, 2x2 KEVLAR® Twill Fabric

This KEVLAR® fabric is ideal for impact-resistant applications that call for excellent specific tensile strength and minimum weight. The colorful, twill pattern makes for improved drapability and delivers impressive cosmetics where show-through is a factor. Common applications include kayaks, canoes, boats, and sporting goods equipment.

The 2x2 Twill is meant to be used with a resin system, like our System #2000 epoxy.

Before starting your project with this KEVLAR® fabric, consider:
  • Once cut, twill fabrics are prone to unraveling due to the looser weave. Prior to cutting, be sure to use our #1735-A Perfect Line Tape, or Dritz Fray Check, #1713-A.
  • KEVLAR® is difficult to cut, sand, and machine. Consider a dedicated pair of serrated scissors, like our #1731-A.
  • Our KEVLAR® is not meant to be sewn.
  • Unused KEVLAR® should be stored away from UV light.

Fibre Glast is committed to ensuring that every roll of this fabric we handle is First Quality and manufactured to the highest standards, so that you can expect the same properties and handling characteristics every time you order.

KEVLAR® Fabric is made with genuine DuPont™ KEVLAR® fiber. DuPont™ and KEVLAR® are registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company and are used with permission.
Marine Epoxy Fairing Compound
Smooth Almost Any Surface

#4114 Marine Epoxy Fairing Compound is a smooth, creamy paste system for fairing large surface imperfections on fiberglass, wood, aluminum, and steel. This tough Marine Epoxy Fairing Compound is UV stable, weather resistant, and can be used above or below the waterline. This Marine Epoxy Fairing Compound is versatile and can be used for fairing or surface repair on wooden marine vessels, wood cabinets, fiberglass structures, and architectural items. It is even used for finishing surfaces in clean room applications. #4114 can be sanded to an excellent finish, meaning there is no need for a finish coat.

When mixed at an easy 1:1 volumetric ratio, this creamy paste can be spread easily onto damaged or rough areas to create a smooth, cosmetic surface. This color coded kit (white resin/brown hardener) indicates when a complete mix has been achieved. Apply this compound up to 1" thick with very little shrinking or sagging during cure. When cured, Marine Epoxy Fairing Compound can easily be sanded and can accept most types of primers and paints.
1K x 3K Plain Weave Carbon Fiber Fabric
3.5 oz/sq yd, 50" Wide, 0.015" Thick, 1K x 3K, Plain Weave

This lightweight carbon fiber fabric joins 1K and 3K carbon tow with a plain weave construction. Unique and highly formable, it can be used to selectively reinforce areas with minimal weight increase. The plain weave construction wets out quickly and handles easily, delivering uniform strength in both horizontal and vertical directions.

As with all of our carbon fabrics, the #2365 will maximize strength properties when used with an epoxy resin system, like our System #2000.

Fibre Glast is committed to ensuring that every roll of fabric we handle is First Quality and manufactured to the highest standards, so that you can expect the same properties and handling characteristics every time you order.
Nylon Bagging Film, Below 300F
New Nylon Bagging Film now available!

This nylon bagging film is soft and conformable without the likelihood of creating unwanted wrinkles. It is less affected by ambient humidity which means that it won't dry out and become brittle like many other bagging films. Brittle films are not only hard to work with but they have a tendency to get pin holes during handling and throughout the bagging process.

Part #1783 is a 59 inch sheet and part #1785 is a 60 inch wide tube product for vacuum bagging applications under 300°F.

You would generally select the #1783 sheet if you are bagging to a tool surface and you would typically select the #1785 tube for envelope bagging or to slice open into a 120 inch wide sheet.

See video for product preview.
Duratec Sunshield Clear Topcoat
High Gloss Clear Topcoat for Epoxy Parts

Duratec® Sunshield Clear Topcoat is a specially formulated polyester topcoat that offers you excellent gloss levels and UV stability. #1045 is compatible with epoxy, vinyl ester and polyester resins. It can be applied to epoxy laminates as an in-mold or post-mold coating. It offers a durable surface and has great scratch resistance. Sunshield offers excellent anti-yellowing, making it a perfect coating for epoxy or vinyl ester parts. It offers a fast build for a smooth and pit-free surface, reducing cycle time and labor.

Sunshield is not applied like traditional gel coat. To apply, spray a light mist coat (or dust coat), that must set up for two minutes before further application. The dust coat should be a light fog, not a continuous film. Additional coats of 4-5 mils can be applied, again allowing a minimum of two minutes to out-gas. 12-15 mils will provide a nice finish with UV protection. Up to 22 mils can be applied if the part requires aggressive post sanding.

When applying to laminates post-mold, sand the entire surface with 180 grit sandpaper, proving a mechanical tooth. With epoxy laminates, water washing with clean water and a Scotch-Brite pad is necessary before and after sanding. It is not necessary to water wash polyester or vinyl ester laminates. After sanding, remove all dust and acetone-wipe the surface prior to application. For laminates with severe porosity, the first 2-3 mil pass can be worked with a squeegee to fill the holes. Additional coats can be applied after two minutes and while the surface is tacky. The final spray should be sanded with 400 grit and allowed to cure, for 8 hours prior to the final polishing.

After curing, wet sand with sandpaper grits from 400-1500. Because of the tough, scratch resistant nature of the Duratec Sunshield, regular automotive compounds may not be aggressive enough to remove sanding scratches. For final polishing we recommend our Step 1 & 2 Mold Polish
Requires 2% MEKP.

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