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Chopper Gun & Roving

A Chopper Gun is used to automatically chop and deposit fiberglass gun roving strands or carbon tow strands into a mold or composite part. The Chopper Gun makes it easy to quickly cover large surfaces with fiberglass. Fiberglass Gun Roving is fed through the back of the gun in a long continuous piece. An adjustable blade assembly controls the size of the fiberglass strands, and the trigger controls the speed at which these strands are ejected from the gun and onto the mold surface.

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Chopper Gun
Quick Glass Build Up

Our 1171 is a hand held, variable speed air powered chopper gun that is primarily used for coating molds or parts with fiberglass or carbon fiber reinforcement. Continuous glass roving is fed into the rear of the gun. The gun then chops the roving into short pieces and deposits them onto the mold. Resin is then applied by brush, roller or sprayed on using a cup gun.

By altering the number and location of chopper blades, the length of the fibers can be varied from 4" down to 5/16". This gun will deposit the equivalent of one layer of 1 oz mat onto a vertical surface without fall-off before wet-out. Ideally suited to quick mold or part build-up once the first layer or two are in place.

Use a fiberglass saturation roller to remove trapped air. New design increases cutter head surface by 32% and increased quantity of chopped material between blade replacements by 33%. Our 1171 chopper gun is compatible with our #522 Gun Roving and #2293 24K Carbon Tow.  
Gun Roving
Available in 40-pound Rolls

This versatile roving chops cleanly, and wets rapidly and completely. It is meant to be used with resin to create high-strength, low-weight composites.
  • Feed through our #1171-A Air Chopper Gun and use in spray up systems, either filled and unfilled.
  • Add directional reinforcement to other structures.
  • Use with a filament winder to create tubes, filament winding, fillets, and spar wing reinforcement.
  • It is typically used with polyester or vinyl ester resin.
  • Yields approximately 205 yards per pound.
24K Carbon Tow
Ideal for small, high strength, low weight structures

This tow (or yarn) is composed of 24,000 individual carbon filaments, which boast the highest ultimate tensile strength in the industry. The #2393 is ideal for adding directional reinforcement to fiberglass, KEVLAR®, and carbon components. Use to build out fillets on carbon parts, for spar-wing reinforcement, and pultrusion. It can also be used with a filament winder to create tubes, or used with our #1171-A Air Driven Chopper Gun to create chopped graphite fibers.

It wets out easily with resin. For the highest strength properties, we suggest using epoxy or vinyl ester resin, although polyester resin is also compatible.

Fibre Glast is committed to ensuring that every roll of tow we handle is First Quality and manufactured to the highest standards, so that you can expect the same properties and handling characteristics every time you order.  
Parts for 1171-A Chopper Gun
Individual replacement parts for 1171-A Chopper Gun

Extend the life of your Chopper Gun with these replacement parts. We offer replacement parts for all of the wear items of a #1171 Chopper Gun.

The #1850 Chopper blades can be purchased to replace dull and worn blades. The #1851 White Anvil Roller Sleeve is offered as a replacement for a wearable item. The #1852 Blade O-Ring, #183 Anvil Roller Assembly, #1854 Feed Roller, #1855 Feed Roller Assembly, and #1856 Cutter Assembly are all serviceable replacement items. 

You can place your order right here on our website or, if you have any questions, call 1.800.838.8984 | 8:00am - 8:00pm EST Mon-Fri.

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