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High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat

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Dissipate Heat and Improve Mold Life

To get the best performance in high temperature service applications, use High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat. Our #1096 High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat is a two-part, low viscosity thixotropic system. It is smooth and creamy, allowing it to be spread on complicated surfaces without losing detail or trapping air bubbles. This aluminum filled epoxy surface coat system is designed for demanding tooling applications with frequent intermediate/high temperature exposure. It is well suited to resist cracking and surface crazing during these temperature fluctuations.

Cure using a ramp up cure schedule requiring at most 300°F
High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat will gel hard at room temperature. However, for applications requiring an elevated service temperature, an oven post-cure schedule is necessary. Before initiating an oven post-cure, allow this surface coat to gel at room temperature.

#1096 High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat is formulated for use with our #3000/3045 High Temp Epoxy Resin. When used together, High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat and High Temp Epoxy Resin can create tough, heat resistant tools. Follow the oven post-cure schedule required by #3000/3045 High Temp Epoxy Resin.
  • Mix Ratio (by weight) – 100:12
  • Pot Life @ 77°F – 25-30 minutes
  • Color – Gray
  • Post Cure Cycle – Hold for 3 hours each @ 150°F, 250°F, or 300°F
  • Maximum Service Temperature - 270ºF
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Description Item # Price Qty
Quart Kit 1096-A $69.95
Case (6 Quart Kits) 1096-B $349.95
Gallon Kit 1096-C $229.95

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Non-Silicone High Temp Paste Wax
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Special preparation is required when using on a new mold:
  • Apply a minimum of three layers of Non-Silicone High Temp Paste Wax, each four to six hours apart.
  • Select an area of four square feet, and rub on the creamy wax with a clean terry cloth. Before it dries, use a separate cloth to break the surface film.
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High Temp Epoxy Resin - 45 min cure
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For tooling and components that will operate in intermediate/high temperature service environments, use this High Temp Epoxy Resin. When post-cured, this unfilled, amber epoxy laminating resin system offers maximum stability in service applications involving frequent heating and cooling cycles. #3000/3045 High Temperature Epoxy Resin easily wets-out reinforcing fabric for quick, stable fabrications.

Cure using a ramp up cure schedule requiring at most 300°F
For maximum stability in any application, an oven post-cure is strongly recommended. This epoxy laminating system will gel hard in 18 to 24 hours at 77°F, but for applications where continuous service temperature is over 250°F, a post-cure is mandatory. Allow the High Temperature Epoxy Resin to gel at room temperature before initiating an oven post-cure.

#3000/3045 High Temp Epoxy Resin can be used with #1096 High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat. When used together, High Temp Epoxy Resin and High Temp Epoxy Surface Coat can create tough, durable, heat resistant tools.
  • Mix Ratio (by weight) – 100:16
  • Pot Life @ 77°F – 45-50 minutes
  • Color – Amber
  • Maximum Service Temperature – 270ºF
Post Cure Cycle
  1. Ramp up temperature at a rate of no more than 2-5°F per minute.
  2. Hold @ 150°F, 250°F, and 300°F for 3 hours each.
  3. Ramp down temperature to 100°F at a rate of no more than 2-5°F per minute. Do not shut down the oven and leave to cool.

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