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Gel Coat Cup Gun

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Efficient & Affordable: Unique Gel Coat Spray Gun

You no longer have to invest in high-cost catalyst injector systems to produce high-quality parts. This unique Gel Coat Cup Gun has become the standard for producing small-to-medium sized parts with a limited equipment budget. Here's why:
  • Quick, easy use—quick, easy clean-up: Gel coat and catalyst are mixed in—and dispensed from—paper tubs. Simply press tub onto lid for use, and dispose of it when the job is complete. Gel coat won't catalyze inside gun. Gel coat and catalyst can also be mixed in and dispensed from the provided plastic tub (easily cleaned for reuse).
  • Vacuum-fed, not gravity fed: By way of uniquely machined nozzles, the air stream picks up gel coat and provides a uniform, high-velocity spray in lateral and downward positions; the #120 sprays faster than most conventional HVLP (high-volume, low-pressure) guns.
  • Versatility: This gun is available for use with nine different nozzles to suit your application needs; in addition to gel coat, it sprays parting film, paint, resin, gel coat with glitterflake, and even sand for sandblasting (see parts #1800–1809).

Gel Coat Cup Gun ships with heavy duty poly-pro plastic cup (#121, one quart capacity, withstands acetone/ ketone); a compatible paper tub (#887); cast aluminum lid (#1812-A); 3/16" ID nozzle (#1805); cup gun cleaning brush (#1152-A); and instructions for use. Fibre Glast also sells a complete list of replacement parts.
  • Pressure required: 60–100 psi
  • Air consumption: 5.8 CFM at 80 psi
  • Compressor required: 5 HP
  • Air connection: ¼" TPR
  • Dry weight: 2.0 lb.

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    Gel Coat Cup Gun 120-A

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    Get More from Your Gel Coat Cup Gun

    Spraying gel coat can be one of the most challenging aspects of composite work. Make sure your Gel Coat Cup Gun continues to work properly for the best possible results, and replace the parts that will begin to naturally wear after multiple uses. Each is sold individually for your convenience.

    In addition, by varying the size of your nozzle for the Gel Coat Cup Gun, you can spray more than gel coat, including parting film, paint, resin, gel coat with glitterflake, and even sand for sandblasting. Choose from nine sizes, available here.

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