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Make the most of your project, whether you're repairing a boat or honing techniques for part making. Fibre Glast offers you a selection of educational books and DVDs that give you a professional, inside look at start-to-finish applications and repair work. Research for yourself or consider as a gift to your favorite fabricator.

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Fundamentals of Composites Manufacturing
Broaden your Knowledge of Composites

Students and practitioners alike have relied on the first edition of Fundamentals of Composites for years to learn about the basics of composites manufacturing. This expanded seventh edition builds upon the solid foundation of that traditional favorite, adding key information like advances in technique and materials, case studies, and examples that will broaden your knowledge of composites materials and manufacturing methods.

This reference book has two main areas of focus: an in-depth look into composite materials and the manufacturing methods used to create the composites.

Initially, the book details composite materials and why they behave the way they do, broadening the scope of choice for fabricators. Learn about resins and their properties (including polyesters, epoxies, specialty and high-performance resins); thermoplastics; ceramic and metal matrix composites; reinforcements; testing and properties; design; sandwich structures, joints, and finishing.

The book also describes composites manufacturing methods, providing tips for getting the best results with consideration for material properties, cost, and production efficiency. You'll find chapters on the open molding of engineering and advanced composites; compression molding; resin infusion technologies; filament winding and fiber placement; pultrusion; thermoplastic molding; damage prevention and repair; factory issues; the business of composites; and composites applications.

With the purchase of this book, you get online access to the Composites Manufacturing Sampler Videos, which contain selected clips from the series to complement the book. It is also fully illustrated.

Author A. Brent Strong, 2007; 640 pages plus additional online video content. 
Composite Materials Fabrication Handbook #1
Get Practical Composites Know-How, Start-to-Finish

Part of the Composite Garage Series, this Fabrication Handbook starts at the beginning and lays out the step-by-step simplicity of composite building. Learn about basic materials and tools involved, how composite parts are made, mold making, and even several finishing methods for improved part cosmetics. Terminology is explained, so it's easy to understand, and numerous photos and illustrations accompany text throughout.

As much as possible, this book emphasizes hands-on application to help composites builders problem solve, minimize common aggravations, and confidently tackle new composite projects.

Text includes critical steps for safety, setting up shop, and a glossary.

Author John Wanberg, 2009; 144 pages

Get Composite Materials Fabrication Handbooks #2 (part #1036) and #3 (#1037) to complete the Composite Garage Series. 
Composite Materials Fabrication Handbook #2
Take Composites Knowledge One Step Further

Part of the Composite Garage Series, Fabrication Handbook #2 is written for those who want to enhance the quality and performance of their composite projects. Learn what it takes to truly optimize a composite lamination for high-performance use.

Basic mold making is covered in this book to help fabricators produce effective mold systems from a variety of molding materials. Several advanced molding techniques are demonstrated in-depth, including compression molding, vacuum bagging, trapped-rubber insert molding, pre-pregs, inflatable bladder molding, and resin transfer molding techniques. In the spirit of Composites Fabrication Handbook #1, this book presents each subject in a hands-on, practical way.

Creating useful composite parts requires a good design, a topic that is discussed at length in this book. The methods illustrated here lend themselves to both motorcycle and automotive builders and customizers. The construction of these parts is documented in step-by-step fashion with an abundance of photographs.

Author John Wanberg, 2010; 144 pages

Get Composite Materials Fabrication Handbooks #1 (part #1035) and #3 (#1037) to complete the Composite Garage Series
Composite Materials Fabrication Handbook #3
Mold-Making and Project How-To for the Experienced

Designed for the experienced fabricator, Fabrication Handbook #3 provides a practical, hands-on look at advanced mold-making techniques. Like Handbooks #1 and #2 in the Composite Garage Series, it documents a variety of methods and projects that can be duplicated in your shop or garage. Projects include an automotive body panel (formed by using an existing panel to make the mold), a camper shell, and a hollow-body guitar.

Handbook #3 expands on mold-making techniques including special methods for creating molds and composite copies of existing parts, fabricating molds from clay models, and making advanced mold systems using computer modeling software. It also includes:
  • Alternative methods for fabricating one-off parts, including molding over frameworks and human forms, as well as using stock composites to build simple structures
  • A primer on computer-aided analysis of composites structures
  • An inside look at how professional fabricators build high-tech composite parts for the aerospace, racing, and sporting goods industries
  • Demonstrations of advanced techniques using routers and CNC machines
  • The use of silicone-compression molds to form complex shapes
  • A practical how-to for composite repairs

Author John Wanberg, 2012; 144 pages

Get Composite Materials Fabrication Handbooks #1 (part #1035) and #2 (#1036) to complete the Composite Garage Series
The Complete Fiberglass and Composite Library [DVD]
Watch & Learn: The Complete How-To for Composites

With decades of experience in the composites industry, we've learned a thing or two that we can pass along. So join us in the workshop as we take a look at materials, fabricate composites, and walk you through techniques, step-by-step. From start to finish, this five-part series can be a reference for the fabricator for many years to come. Videos include:
  • The Basics of Fiberglass
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Molding Fiberglass
  • Advanced Mold-Making and Plug Construction
  • Vacuum Bagging and Sandwich Core Construction
  • The Art of Moldless Construction

Fibre Glast Developments; 2 DVDs, 190 total minutes 
Composite Basics, Seventh Edition
This Book is Anything but Basic!

Composite Basics Seven provides a detailed, inside look at the science behind composite fabrication, from selecting materials to designing structures. Topics include: fabrics and resin; core materials and how to work with them; molding methods and tooling; adhesives and bonding; calculating and testing stress and load for your project.

The text includes multiple graphs and illustrations, as well as an extensive appendix, for reference.

Author Andrew Marshall, Seventh Edition 2005; 150 pages 
Castcraft Moldmaking Guide., Casting Guide, and Combined Source
Learn More About Casting and Molding

Designed for those interested in craft applications, these guides are an excellent source of information for anyone interested in fiberglass construction, plaster, latex molding, rubber gelatin, and flexible molding wax.

From Castcraft, 1992; 200 pages combined 
Fiberglass Repairs Made Easy, Volume 1 [DVD]
Get a Practical, First-Hand Look at Boat Repair

Learn how to make fiberglass repairs as you look over the shoulder of a professional fiberglass repairman with 20 years' experience. Watch as he repairs a crack in the bottom of a bass boat using easy to follow, step-by-step procedures. Learn how to:
  • Grind out damaged fiberglass laminate and apply new layers
  • Reshape the repair to the original hull lines
  • Spray color-matched gel coat
  • Sand and polish gel coat to a new boat finish

A Pelican Production Program; 54 minutes

For even more tips on gel coat repair, consider our #853 Cosmetic Gel Coat and Fiberglass Repair video. 
Cosmetic Gel Coat and Fiberglass Repair, Volume 1 [DVD]
Watch and Learn Gel Coat Repair

Get tips on technique, materials, and tools, as well as hands-on advice from a professional boat repairman with decades of experience. Video covers how to:
  • Repair common scratches, gouges, and chips in gel coat
  • Repair drilled holes on decks and cabins from hardware changes
  • Match gel coat
  • Refinish repairs like a professional

A Precision Fiberglass Presentation; 100 minutes

For below-the-waterline hull restoration or osmosis repair, see other videos in our series (#854, #858). 
Fiberglass Osmosis Repair Secrets [DVD]
Get a First-Hand Look at Blister Repair for Boats

Save a sizable chunk of your boating budget on repairs you can do yourself. Learn how to repair blisters and severe osmosis below the waterline with this instructional DVD. Using an easy-to-follow approach and detailed close-up instruction, you'll watch and learn how preparation and treatment ahead of time are critical to osmosis repair and a lasting, professional finish.

Filmed in real time with Fiberglass expert Daniel Bruno, this DVD provides step-by-step safety instruction, application techniques, and waste disposal techniques. You'll be shown the following procedures:
  • Slurry blasting
  • Treatment of blisters
  • Gel stripping
  • Steam cleaning and grinding

From Bennett Media, Boat Maintenance Series; 57 minutes

For other boat repair techniques, including hull restoration and gel coat repair, consider other videos in our series (#804, #853, #858). 
Below the Waterline Hull Restoration [DVD]
Learn to Make the Repairs Yourself

Save some of your boat budget with this instructional DVD! Learn how to get the perfect finish on the bottom of your boat. Using a step-by-step approach and close-up instruction, experts demonstrate how to get a near-perfect, below-the-waterline finish using the best in modern coating and anti-fouling restoration technology.

Application techniques, suggested tools, and waste disposal techniques are covered, as well as the following procedures:
  • Applying primer coat
  • Applying and grinding epoxy putty
  • Applying epoxy paint
  • Coppercoating antifoul

By Bennett Media, Boat Maintenance Series; 45 minutes

For other boat repair techniques, including osmosis and gel coat repair, consider other videos in our series (#804, #853, #854). 

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