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MEKP Hardener
Industry Standard Catalyst

#69 MEKP is required with all Polyester Resins, Gel Coats and Vinyl Ester Resin. It is required in different concentrations as defined for each resin product. Each resin product is available as a kit with the correct amount of hardener. However, hardener may be purchased individually as shown here.
BPO Hardener
Cream Hardeners

White BPO, Red BPO, and Black BPO are cream hardeners for use with the following Fibre Glast polyester systems: #4100 Polyester Fairing Compound, #4115 Carvable Low Density Polyester Filler, and #4116 Lightweight Polyester Cosmetic Filler. Our kits ship with white hardener, but you can select either Red or Black for use as a mix indicator. All hardeners are easy to use and offer effective rapid reactions.

  • Available in 2 sizes - 1oz and 4oz
  • Available in 3 colors – White, Red, and Black
Styrene Thinner
General Purpose 
#70 Styrene Monomer is the recommended and accepted thinner for polyester resins and gel coats. Most gel coats can be thinned 2-5% to make them suitable for heavy spray equipment or other special purposes.   
Styrene Wax
Get a Complete Cure 
# 71 Styrene Wax is a 5% solution of paraffin dissolved in styrene that may be added to non waxed polyester resins and gel coats to prevent the prolonged tackiness associated with thin sections of polyesters. If the resin contains paraffins, the wax will rise to the surface and protect the curing resin from the inhibiting action of the air. However, if the resin is allowed to fully cure, the paraffins on the surface will prevent adhesion of further coats of resin and must be sanded off prior to additional applications. We recommend adding #71 at 5% for thin coatings. Use with #1040 Hi-Gloss Additive when performing repairs below the water line. 
Duratec Clear Hi-Gloss Gel Coat Additive
Spray Gel Coat Like Paint

Our #1039 and 1040 Duratec® Clear High Gloss Additive can be mixed in a 1:1 ratio with regular gel coat to reduce viscosity and porosity while improving gloss level and permitting a complete open air cure. They can also be blended with a 15% ratio to tooling gel coats to upgrade mold surfaces, improve gloss retention, increased impact resistance and reduce heat distortion.

The reduction in viscosity allows gel coats to be sprayed controllably through siphon and HVLP equipment, reducing sanding and polishing time. When used for repairs, this product will result in a low porosity surface.

When making below the waterline repairs, we still recommend adding our #71 Styrene Wax for maximum hardness.
Requires 2% MEKP. 
Duratec StyroShield Primer
Spray Directly on Styrofoam

Duratec® StyroShield Primer is a polyester primer that is meant to be applied directly to polystyrene foam (also known as Styrofoam). When cured, StyroShield forms a barrier that allows the use of conventional polyester laminating resins, gel coat, or other Duratec products. StyroShield contains microspheres that insulate and protect polystyrene foam from the chemicals in polyester-based resins and gel coat. With StyroShield, low-cost polystyrene can be substituted for urethane foam in plug, mold, and pattern building applications. Spray StyroShield using an HVLP gun with a 2.5 mm or larger nozzle. Apply at least 20 mils of StyroShield to ensure complete coverage and surface protection.

When in storage, the microspheres in StyroShield will float to the top and form a hard crust. Thorough mixing is required prior to use. When possible, store StyroShield Primer container upside down.
Requires 2% MEKP.  
Dry Gas Blanket
Use this Dry Gas Blanket to extend the life of liquids including: urethanes, epoxy resin, polyester resin, gel coat, vinyl ester resin, and much more. Dry Gas Blanket can be sprayed into an open container just before resealing the lid. This displaces the moist air in the container and extends the shelf life of the liquid inside.

This Dry Gas Blanket is non-flammable and contains no Class 1 ozone depleting materials.  

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