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Parting Wax

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Simple and Reliable
Paste Wax is a non-silicone green wax specially formulated to produce a tough, durable, high gloss surface. Excellent release characteristics are achieved when used with # 13 PVA. We recommend that new molds are coated with four layers before use. Apply two coats of wax, buff off the excess, and allow to stand for an hour before applying the last two coats. The wait is to give solvents extra time to evaporate so a tougher wax barrier develops. 
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24 oz Tin 1016-A $10.25
7 lb. Tin 1016-B $42.05

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PVA Release Film
Inexpensive and Effective Barrier 
PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) should be used with #1016 Wax to aid in the release of parts from a mold. It should be applied in three thin mist coats over nonporous, waxed mold surfaces. After the final wax coat has dried, begin by spraying a light tack coat of PVA. Typically, within 5 minutes the final heavier coats can be added. The PVA dries to form a smooth, glassy film. After part release, the residual film can be removed with water. We recommend using our 123-A or 126-A Touch Up Spray Guns for larger molds, but for smaller molds, use our 2251 Preval Sprayer . PVA can also be sprayed over any polyester repair to provide an airless tack-free cure.

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