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2 Lb. Polyurethane Mix and Pour Foam

2 Lb. Polyurethane Mix and Pour Foam

For Flotation, Sculpting, and Cavity Filling

Our #24/25 is a two-part, equal mix, self-rising, 2 lb./cubic foot density, closed-cell foam system.
  • Foaming begins within 45 seconds after the two liquids are mixed and continues for several more minutes.
  • The foam expands approximately 30 times its liquid volume before curing, and will fill any shape cavity.
  • It does not react with oil or gasoline and it will not absorb water. #24/25 is ideal for flotation applications and provides 60 pounds of flotation per cubic foot of foam. Unlike polyester foams, polyurethane foam is compatible with both polyester and epoxy resins. This foam is designed to meet USCG Title 33, Chapter 1, Part 183 when mixed properly.

    When filling cavities for purposes of insulation, flotation or reinforcement; estimate the volume of the cavity and multiply the volume (in cubic feet) by 2.5 to determine the number of pounds of foam to mix.

    For instance if you wish to fill a cavity measuring 1ft. by 1ft. by 2ft., the cavity has a volume of 2 cubic feet. Multiplying that volume by 2.5 indicates you need 5 pounds of foam mix (2.4 lb. #24 and 2.6 lb. #25).

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Description Item # Price Qty
4.9 lb. (2 cubic feet)
24/25-A $29.95
19.3 lb. (9 cubic feet)
24/25-B $119.95
96.5 lb. (45 cubic feet)
24/25-C $395.95
Quantity Discounts
4+ $359.95
10+ $329.95
1000 lb. (500 cubic feet)
24/25-Drum $3295.00

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