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RAL Color Book
Book Rental - $5 (net after return)
RAL Color Book

Color Match for Traditional Favorites

188 Colors. This color book has RAL standard colors that we can precisely create in a batch of gel coat made just for you.

No more experimenting to get the color you need. Our high quality machine, software, base and pigments are quite simply the best available. You'll receive consistent, high standard, perfectly matched color every time.

Rent or Buy your RAL Color Book

Color books can be rented for a net cost of only $5.00.

RAL is an internationally recognized color matching system used for paints and coatings. The RAL colors displayed on this website only use a three-color display (RGB), and will not reflect the exact color distinguished by RAL Standards. Use this RAL Color Book to see the most accurate representation of the RAL gel coat colors that we can provide.

With only a handful of these high caliber machines installed in the world, we are proud to bring you this state of the art technology. No more hand pouring, mixing and hoping for the best. Simply choose your color and the automated dispensing machine formulates your color gel coat.

Color book rental is only available within the contiguous 48 states. Rented color books must ship regular ground. Every color book rental will include a prepaid return shipping label. At the time of shipping you will be charged the full price for the color book ($19.95). Color books must be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase to receive a credit of $14.95 bringing the net price to $5.00. If the rented color book is not returned within 30 days, or if the book is damaged in your possession, you will not be credited the balance.

This item, when ordered alone, will typically ship in an envelope.
RAL Color Book This item is sold by the unit.