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Item Price Options Qty
700/69-A RAL1034
Quart Color Gel Coat w/ Hardener
700/69-B RAL1034
Gallon Color Gel Coat w/ Hardener
700/69-BK RAL1034
Case (4 Gallons w/ Hardener)
700-A RAL1034
Quart Color Gel Coat
700-B RAL1034
Gallon Color Gel Coat
700-C RAL1034
5 Gallon Color Gel Coat
800-CK RAL 1034
Quart Paint Kit - Ready to Spray
800-DK RAL 1034
Gallon Paint Kit - Ready to Spray
800-C RAL 1034
3/4 Quart - Paint Only
800-D RAL 1034
3/4 Gallon - Paint Only
Drying Accelerator - Required for Paint Only
Paint Hardener - Required for Paint Only
Exempt Solvent - Optional for Paint Only
RAL 1034 - Pastel Yellow

Color Gel Coat or Single Stage Paint

Our Color Gel Coats and ChromaGlast™ Single Stage Paints are mixed to perfectly match the color of your choice. In addition to our RAL colors, we have 700 more colors of Gel Coat and 200 more colors of ChromaGlast™ Single Stage Paints.

Color Gel Coat is designed to be used in mold to produce UV resistant, blister resistant, high quality parts when laying up polyester or vinyl ester parts. They can be used in repair applications with an air inhibitor such as Duratec High Gloss Additive.

ChromaGlast™ Single Stage Paints are designed to be used on exterior surfaces and are ideal for UV protection of Epoxy parts. They are designed to protect composite and many other surfaces, providing an extremely durable, high gloss finish. This premium paint is easy to mix, easy to spray and dries quickly. ChromaGlast paint is compatible with polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy parts, as well as SMC and most metals. ChromaGlast™ Single Stage paints are available in one quart and one-gallon sizes, as well as ready-to-spray kits.

Color Gel Coats are available in quart, gallon or five-gallon sizes. Gel Coat kits are available in quart, gallon and 4-gallon cases and come with (#69) MEKP catalyst. One gallon of gel coat will cover approximately 40-80 square feet, depending upon application.

The ChromaGlast™ Ready-To-Spray paint kits contain the correct quantity of our (#5025) Drying Accelerator and (#5027) Paint Hardener. One gallon of ChromaGlast™ Single Stage Paint will cover approximately 635 square feet of surface area. If you are planning on thinning your ChromaGlast™ Paint before spraying, we recommend you thin up to 10% using our (#5028) Exempt Solvent.

PLEASE NOTE: RAL is an internationally recognized color matching system used for paints and coatings. The RAL colors displayed on this website use a three-color display (RGB) and will not reflect the exact color distinguished by RAL Standards. For an accurate color depiction, you can purchase the #4008-A RAL Color Book which contains samples of the 188 RAL colors.

'No Return' Policy - All Color Gel Coats and ChromaGlast™ paints are made-to-order; therefore, cannot be returned to inventory. All sales of Color Gel Coat and ChromaGlast™ paints are final.