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Screw-On Quick Disconnect
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Male Quickchange Steel Nipple
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Female Quickchange Steel Nipple
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Quick Disconnect & Nipples
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Small Fittings that Make a Big Difference

Take the headache out of composite set-ups that require an air source! Quick Disconnect fittings make the entire process go more quickly with less hassle. It's simple:

  • Screw Quick Disconnects onto hose assemblies to connect your air source.
  • Steel nipple fittings are threaded for both male and female attachment to equipment and tools, like gauges, regulators, gel coat spray guns, and more.

With easy slide mechanics, the two pieces connect and disconnect in just seconds! Note that Air Hose Assemblies (#2217) from Fibre Glast come equipped with Quick Disconnect fittings, but use with specific tools will require fittings:

  • Connection to the #1171-A Chopper Gun and #120-A Gel Coat Cup Gun requires the #2222-A Male Quickchange Nipple.
  • Connection to the #123-A and #126-A Gel Coat Spray Guns requires the #2223-A Female Quickchange Nipple.
  • For vacuum bagging, #2220 Brass Barb Fittings can quickly thread components and turn your entire line into a Quick Disconnect operation.
  • Quick Disconnects are rated for 300 psi; Quickchange Nipples are rated for 150 psi.
This item, when ordered alone, will typically ship in an envelope or a small box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped.
Quick Disconnect & Nipples The Screw-On Quick Disconnect fittings and Nipples are sold individually by the unit. *Quantity discounts are available on all three when 10 or more of any one item are purchased in one order.