Item Price Qty
6" Mixing Stick (Bag of 100)
6" Mixing Stick (Box of 500)
6" Mixing Stick (Carton of 5000)
9" Mixing Paddle each
9" Mixing Paddle (Box of 100)
12" Mixing Paddle each
12" Mixing Paddle (Box of 100)
21" Line Holder/Mixing Paddle
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50+ $ 0.75  
100+ $ 0.55  
500+ $ 0.50  
Mixing Sticks & Paddles
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Keep a Handful Around the Shop

Mixing Sticks and Paddles are an easy and effective way to mix resins and gel coat. After each use, simply dispose of them to keep the shop clean and contaminate-free. So, it's good to have a supply on the shelf.

The #1600 21-inch paddle can also be used to hold resin feed lines secure and straight during the resin infusion process.

Mixing paddles (#511-B, #512-B, #1600-A), when ordered alone, will typically ship in a small box. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped. Bags (#58-A), boxes (#58-B, #511-C, #512-C), and cartons (#58-C) will typically ship in a large box.
Mixing Sticks & Paddles Mixing Sticks & Paddles are available in a variety of formats that include: 6" Mixing Stick, One bag of 100 (#58-A) 6" Mixing Stick, One box of 500 (#58-B) 6" Mixing Stick, One carton of 5000 (#58-C) 9" Mixing Paddle, Each (#511-B) 9" Mixing Paddle, One box of 100 (#511-C) 12" Mixing Paddle, Each (#512-B) 12" Mixing Stick, One box of 100 (#512-C) 21" Line Holder/Mixing Paddle, Each (#1600-A) *Quantity discounts are available on the 21" Mixing Paddle only, when 50 or more paddles are purchased in one order.