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Glyptic Clay Modeling Tools - Monumental
Glyptic Clay Modeling Tools - Monumental

Variety of Shapes for Professional Clay Modeling

The Glyptic modeling tools are made for professional modeling and are made from high quality materials to last a lifetime. The wire tips are ideal for shaping and detailing clay model parts.

Made for crafting larger scale models or plugs, the Monumental set is proportioned to work larger areas than finer detail tools. Handles are approximately 8" in length, with removable loops that fit in each handle.


  • Wider, sharp blades that are for larger curves shape and full scale models
  • Loops are serrated on one side for faster shaping, and smooth on the other
  • Stainless steel loops are about 4” wide
  • Handle is 8” long
  • Includes: • Handle • Isosceles triangle loop (MLT1) • Teardrop loop (MLT2) • Sharkfin loop (MLT3) • Right triangle loop (MLT4) • Oblong loop (MLT5) 


  • Hard clay is easiest to detail with tools, where softer clays are easiest to smooth by hand
  • Clean after each use to prolong life
  • Tools in combination with Chavant clay help acheive a flawless finish to help achieve an A finish when designing tooling


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