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Fiberglass Sample Pack
Fiberglass Sample Pack
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Get our Entire Selection of Fiberglass In-Hand

This convenient Sample Pack contains a 4" x 6" swatch of our fiberglass fabrics and tapes. It is ideal for determining which material you would like to try for your application. Plus, each sample pack includes a coupon for $25 off your next order of $100 or more when purchased within 60 days!

*This sample pack does not contain Stitched Fiberglass. For these fabrics see #4007 Stitched Fiberglass Sample Pack.

Contains samples of:

Woven Fiberglass Fabrics

#241 2 oz/sq yd, Plain Weave, 38" Wide

#262 4 oz/sq yd, Plain Weave, 50" Wide

#259 6 oz/sq yd, Plain Weave, 38" Wide

#243, 244 7.5 oz/sq yd, Plain Weave, 38" or 50" Wide

#245, 271, 247 10 oz/sq yd, Plain Weave, 38", 50", or 60" Wide

#1543, Style 6781 S2-Glass, 9 oz/sq yd, 8H Satin Weave

#1094 Style 7725, Bi-Directional, 9 oz/sq yd, 2x2 Twill Weave, 38" Wide

#543, #2543 Style 7781, 9 oz/sq yd, 8HS Weave, 38" Wide, 50" Wide

#573 Style 120, 3 oz/sq yd, 4HS Weave, 38" Wide

#254 20 oz/sq yd Tooling Fabric, Mock Leno Weave, 38" Wide

#223 18 oz/sq yd Woven Roving, Plain Weave, 50" Wide

Fiberglass Tape, 9 oz/sq yd, Plain Weave, 1" (#217,) 2" (#219,) 3" (#220,) 4" (#221,) 6" (#222,) or 12" (#224)

#246 Scrim Fabric, 50" Wide, White

Non-woven Fiberglass Fabrics

Chopped Strand Mat, 1.5 oz, (#250) 38" Wide, (#1250) 50"Wide, (#492) 4" Wide

#260 Continuous Strand Surfacing Veil, 38" Wide

#251 1.5 oz/sq ft Continuous Strand Mat, 50" Wide

#526 Gun Roving, for use with chopper gun

Fiberglass Sleeve

2" Braided Fiberglass Biaxial Sleeve, 10.4oz

This item, when ordered alone, will typically ship in an envelope. Where possible, we will combine ordered items to reduce the number of boxes shipped.
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Good sample pack, with a few different weaves
Aug 30, 2018  |  By Bobby Graham
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I'm new to composite fabrication, and wasn't really sure where to start. This sample pack gave me a better idea of what I was looking for before I got started. For the price, the samples are really nice.

Excellent reference tool
Jun 12, 2017  |  By Joe Fraser
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There is no local supplier in my area so purchasing on-line sometimes tactile reference especially with these materials is useful.
With this sample pack I know what I am ordering for my projects so I don't have to guess.
Really useful for a novice like me.

Fiberglass Sample Pack Thissample pack is sold by the unit.