Commercial 1.2 HP Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

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  • Commercial 1.2 HP Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
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Heavy Duty, Long Life

At twice the horsepower and triple the CFM of our Industrial Vacuum Pump, this 100% oil free rotary vane vacuum pump is designed for heavy-duty applications and can handle multiple vacuum bagging and infusion projects simultaneously. This pump is perfect for use where operation will be continuous throughout the day. Each pump comes equipped with self-lubricating graphite composite vanes, 10 micron inlet suction filter, vacuum regulating valve, and vibration isolators as standard equipment. It is integrally flanged to a 1.2 HP, 110-220 volt, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase, TEFC motor and is ideal for applications where oil or water is objectionable. Very low maintenance requirements, long vane life, and low noise levels are key features of this pump. This pump is designed to be professionally installed and comes equipped with a three-foot power cord for hard-wiring.


  • Operates on a continuous basis throughout a range of pressure, from atmospheric pressure to 25.4" Hg (mercury)
  • Features only one shaft and a direct drive pump, supplied by a TEFC electric motor
  • New design ensures low noise and minimized heat emission
  • Equipped with inlet filter, vacuum regulating valve, discharge silencer, and vibration isolators
  • Design easily accommodates other accessories
  • Features 18 CFM air flow
  • 3' power cord with "pig-tails" for hard wiring
  • 100% Oil-less operation


Power Rating 1.2 hp
Open Flow 18 cfm
Max Vacuum 25.4” Hg
Weight 57.3 lbs

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